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Charles Jasper

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Charles Jasper is the owner and main author of Home Climate Center. He has a degree in Engineering and 20 years experience on working on HVAC systems. He has a passion for everything related to home improvement and loves to travel. When he is not working, you might find Jasper working on projects around the house or organizing a camping trip.

Welcome to Home Climate Center

We are a reliable group that reviews only the best products related to Home climate control. All of our research and testing is up to date. Because of this, we are confident that you will have an easier time finding products that suit your needs through us. Our team always takes the time to think about how these items will be used in a real-world setting, instead of just glossing over the small details.

We work hard to give you informative content that you can rely on when making a purchasing decision. Our site has tons of review content that have been written by reliable writers after the products have been sufficiently researched or tested. We try to test most of the products we list but in cases we can not we do in-depth research into the products to get a full picture of its quality. Since we put so much time and effort into our product research, you can get an accurate picture of what the item is genuinely like.

Our team approaches heating and cooling systems as well as air quality and various types of fans from a healthy and comfortable perspective. We always consider the efficiency of these products when recommending them to you. Additionally, we research all of these systems thoroughly and test them whenever possible.

Our research is unbiased and practical, as you will learn from the section below.

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Fact Checkers and Research

Our team of experienced fact-checkers can view these products with a critical eye, ensuring that the reviews are accurate and unbiased. All team members work hard to layout well-researched content that has been fact-checked for consistency and cross-checked by others to ensure that our posts' information is reliable.

All of our reviews are based on the latest data available; we gather and research hundreds of reviews across various platforms. That way, we know exactly how customers feel about the product and the customer service of the company.

We also do independent product testing. This process involves our team choosing the highest- quality of products based on how they fit our website's theme. When testing products, we always make sure to reflect the truth of the item in our content.

Overall, our team is tasked with researching all aspects of the product and creating articles that are up to date, accurate, and reflect the item's true nature.

Writers and Policies

Our writers are chosen based on their experience and expertise when it comes to the topic of the article. They also need to have real-world experience in these subjects and the know-how to explain the material concisely to an audience that might have never purchased a heating or cooling system before.

All of our product reviews are based on our research and testing. We expect our writers to stay knowledgeable on the topics we cover and have the ability to provide accurate pictures of the items. That way, our readers can feel confident in their decision whether or not to purchase a product that we covered.

How We Make Money

We are paid commission on some, but not all of the products we present. They are always from e-commerce stores and never individual manufactures. This means that we have nothing to gain when we decide to promote a particular product over another one.

Other review companies can be sponsored by manufacturers, meaning they make their money from trying to sell you certain products. That is not, and never will be our goal. We want to inform you about these items and let you decide if you would like to buy them. Because of this, our reviews are always unbiased.

Our goal is to present you with the highest quality of products based on our testing and various other research methods. We always tell the truth about what a product has to offer, so you will be able to clearly know if it is worth buying. We want to assist you and provide you with all of the research we were able to gather on a topic.

Reviews and Product Testing

We conduct various forms of research on all products we cover in our articles. This process includes thoroughly reading customer reviews posted online as a starting point. Customers who have purchased heating or cooling systems often have a lot to say about them- they also have no reason to hold back how they truly feel about the product.

When testing a product, our team makes sure to view it from a real-world perspective. We want to consider all of the aspects of the item and how most people are going to use it. Are the features necessary and convenient? These are some of the ideas that we have to consider.

We always remain unbiased when conducting these product tests. Since we have nothing to gain over promoting specific products, you can feel confident that we will only give you the most accurate information. There is no reason for us to provide you with false details in our reviews.

Finally, we strive to provide all of the most crucial details in our reviews. That way, you will not be surprised by anything when you get your order.

The Team

We are proud to provide you with detailed information on these systems. They have the potential to make the quality of your life a bit better whenever you find a product that is best suited for you and your home.

Our team is experienced and committed to creating the content that you need. We hope that you will turn to us for information when you need to find a new product to use. We are made up of various product testers, researchers, writers, and editors.

All of our writers are experienced and established within the topics that they cover. We have high standards when it comes to our content, so everyone who writes and edits content for us is held to those same standards.

Overall, we consist of a team of professionals who are passionate about creating informative content that you can enjoy and use to finalize your purchasing decisions.

Content Edits and Updates

We continue updating and editing our content as time passes. On occasion, a product needs an updated review after a time. Since we want all of our articles to be accurate and informative, it is essential that our content continues to evolve as more information about the product comes to light.

Our articles will have the date that the content was last worked on posted at the top of the page. You should be able to find the most current information on our website because of this. We recommend that you check back on products you are interested in as often as you need.

Our team strives to have the most accurate articles available- sometimes, that means that we need to adjust our review when we discover new information on an item.

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We always enjoy hearing from our readers! If you would like to send us an email, feel free to do so. Plus, if you want to send us a press inquiry, we take those in our email as well.

You can always reach out to us if you have questions about our testing process, the research we conducted, or any concerns about a product we reviewed. We want to stay in touch with our readers, so we are very responsive to all forms of communication.

Feel free to contact us today! We would love to hear from you.