Air King BFQ 140 High-Performance Bath Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/03/2020

Product Overview

The Air King BFQ 140 High Performance Bath Fan, 120-CFM, BFQ140 is one of the best high-capacity bathroom fans currently on the market in this price range. It is more affordable than other 120-CFM bathroom fans, without sacrificing on the quality of performance. The Air King bathroom fan provides powerful ventilation at a reasonable price and is super easy to install.

Even if you don’t have any experience with home improvements, you should be able to install this ceiling fan yourself in less than thirty minutes, and it even has right and left-handed ducting. It has a plastic housing which will not rust or corrode, making it a great choice for bathrooms, pools, and other wet environments.

Air King BFQ 140 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Air King BFQ 140

  • Noise Level: 4.0 Sones
  • CFM Rating: 120
  • White color 
  • 1 year warranty

Why Do You Need a Good Ventilator?

Proper ventilation in the bathroom is great for removing bad odors, chemicals, dust, mildew, and humidity from the air. When the hot, wet air from the shower condensates on the walls, windows, and tile it can cause visible mold and mildew to grow, which is gross looking and terrible to breathe in. Inhaling mold, mildew, or chemicals is bad for your health, and a proper ventilation system will ensure that you are protected against airborne contaminants in the bathroom, which are sometimes invisible killers.


  • Powerful Ventilation

This is a high-capacity ventilator that is appropriate for spaces between 120 and 150 sq ft. It quickly and efficiently removes odors, humidity, and chemicals from the air in less than sixty seconds and it doesn’t use a lot of energy so you’ll save money on your power bill without sacrificing performance. The average bathroom is only about 40 sq ft, which means that this model is very high-capacity. You will not find a better ventilator for this price that ventilates such a large area with efficiency.

  • Long-Lasting & Affordable

This product is designed to be less expensive than other electric ceiling fans for spaces between 120-150 sq ft, without sacrificing performance. To do this, they use a plastic housing instead of traditional metal housing, which has many benefits. The plastic housing will not rust or corrode in the same way a metal housing would, and is a less expensive material which cuts down on the cost of the product. The plastic is easy to clean, long-lasting, and will not easily wear and tear. A metal housing can also be guilty of making metallic rattling noises or having loose parts, which will never happen with this high-quality plastic housing.

  • Easy to Install

The box includes everything you will need to install this ceiling fan. The installation process is super easy and a home improver with no experience can handle it all by themselves without the help of a professional remodeler/installer. The fan housing should be able to “snap in” to the ceiling joists and be attached with nails and screws. The package comes with a 4” round ducting and a backdraft damper to prevent cold air from coming back in the home. It comes with the necessary Romex connector and wire nuts as well.

  • Certified Safe

The parts used in the construction of this high-capacity ceiling fan are all certified safe and long-lasting. You can install this fan directly above a shower or bath and it is guaranteed to be completely safe. It comes with a one-year parts only warranty which guarantees that all of the parts work correctly or they will be replaced. Air King products are tested for safety and performance than you can depend upon.


  • No Light

This bathroom ventilator does not have a built-in light. Because it doesn’t have an integrated light you will have to provide some other source of lighting whether that is in the form of a lamp or another form of ceiling lighting. The fan can be installed above the shower, while the light can be installed somewhere else on the ceiling closer to the middle of the room.

  • No Heater

Some electric ceiling fans for bathrooms come with a heater so that you can warm up the bathroom on cold mornings and stuff like that, but this model does not include a heater. Ceiling fans with heaters are typically more expensive, and this fan is made specifically for affordable high-capacity ventilation.


The Air King BFQ 140 High Performance Bath Fan, 120-CFM, BFQ140 is a great choice for those looking for a bathroom exhaust fan for a large space that is 120 to 150 sq ft that is an affordable price without sacrificing on performance. The parts are all high-quality and long-lasting, and they are also backed by a one-year warranty free from the manufacturer. Air King is a manufacturer that you can trust that takes care of the people who purchase their products.

This bathroom fan is easy to install and extremely long-lasting. You can install it directly above the bath/shower. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a light that is built-in so you will want to keep that in mind as you’re shopping for your bathroom. It is easy to install this electric bathroom fan in only minutes and the performance will last for a lifetime.

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