Amazon Basics Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Amazon has seen the market for tower fans and has decided to create their own entry. It’s no wonder. After all, tower fans are some of the best cooling fans for rooms. They keep air circulating which has a lot of health benefits.

Product Overview

This Amazon Basics oscillating tower fan lives up to its name and provides a basic tower fan with a few nice features for a relatively low price. Most of the things that you want in a tower fan are here. You get oscillation that will keep air moving side to side. There is also a timer that can keep the fan running for up to seven hours, in single hour increments.

Amazon Basics Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Amazon Basics Oscillating Tower Fan

  • 5-button remote control
  • 1 to 7 hour automatic shut off timer
  • Easy to use controls
  • 9 different cooling and sound options

The fan has three fan speeds as well as three modes of operation. These three modes are normal, natural, and sleep. The normal mode uses the air speed that you’ve selected to provide constant air circulation. The natural mode varies wind speeds to mimic the feel of a fluctuating outdoor breeze. Sleep mode provides low and constant air flow while you sleep.

The Amazon Basics fan has a fused plug. In order to replace the fuse, you just have to slide open the access cover and replace it with a 2.5 Amp, 125 volt fuse.

This tower fan is a little larger, and has a footprint of 11.8 inches by 11.8 inches. The overall height is 40.7 inches, which makes it one of the taller tower fans that you’ll encounter.

Things You Should Know About Tower Fans

Tower fans are a great way to increase the air circulation in your home. But they do have a couple of drawbacks. As long as you know about them and you can make adjustments for them, then you can arrange to have your home’s air completely taken care of.

Humidification – Tower fans don’t normally have a humidifier or a dehumidifier attached to them. While a tower fan can help dry a room out by increasing air circulation, it doesn’t actually remove any moisture. The moisture that is picked up from the room’s surfaces are still there; the water is just trapped in the air. As soon as you turn the fan off and the air starts to settle and slow, condensation will begin to occur again, leading to the same problem. If you really want to dehumidify a room, use a fan in conjunction with a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will pull water directly from the air and the fan will help keep the dry air in circulation.
Filtration – Fans don’t usually have filters, so any allergens that are in the air are just blown around and don’t really remove any of it. So if you suffer from allergies, then you want to have a filtration strategy in mind. If you have a heat pump or any sort of ductwork, then it’s likely that you have an air filter in your HVAC system. Make sure that you’re using a filter of at least MERV-11 rating, and that you’re cleaning or replacing them on schedule.

Understanding Filters

Air filters remove allergens from the air in two different ways. Through these methods, a good filter can remove 99.99 percent of all allergens from the air, given enough time. These two methods are:

Physical Removal – This is how most people envision filters working. As the air is pushed through a filter, the strands of the filter block and trap the allergens in the air. Most filters use electrostatic fibers to trap dust. That is, as the air passes over the fibers of the filter, they become charged. They then attract dust which has an opposite polarity.
● Chemical Removal – Activated charcoal filters are wonderful for removing odors from the air. They do this via a chemical property known as adsorption. Not absorption. They don’t absorb the smells and odors, they adsorb them. That is, they chemically lock the odors to their surface, they don’t surround them. Because activated charcoal is ground so finely in filters, there’s a lot of surface to trap and adsorb odors.

Pros and Cons

This list of pros and cons lets you see what the best and worst things are about this model at a glance. Additionally, you can easily compare these features with the features of other tower fans.


● 3 modes of operation with 3 different speeds for 9 different cooling and sound options
● 5-button remote control allows complete control of the fan
● 1 to 7 hour automatic shut off timer
● Oscillation
● Easy to use controls on top of fan with bright LED indicators


● No filter


Amazon Basics may be the generic in-house brand for Amazon, but that doesn’t mean they are slouching when it comes to this tower fan. With a lot of mid-range features at a lower price point, many buyers will appreciate the blend of functionality and frugality.