Auzkin Personal Ceramic Space Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Personal space heaters are a great option when you need that heat focused on your small office or corner of the room. But selecting the right one can be a pain. This Auzkin personal ceramic space heater is a great combination between a radiant space heater and a forced air convection heater.

Auzkin Personal Ceramic Space Heater Review

Auzkin Personal Ceramic Space Heater

  • Heater Element: PTC Ceramic
  • Wattage: 950W/600W/5W
  • Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Weight: 2.4lb/1.1KG

Product Overview

It measures 4.9 inches by 4.9 inches by 8.11 inches tall and weighs about 2.4 pounds. That’s roughly the size of a sheet of paper folded in half standing on end. While that isn’t the smallest space heater we review, it is one of the smallest to offer any basic features that you might want in a personal space heater.

One primary feature that is nice to have is an adjustable heat selection. You can put the heater on high and it will pull 900 watts of power. Set it on low and you will pull 600 watts of power. There’s also a fan-only mode that allows you to just get some air moving and that only pulls 5 watts of power.

This personal space heater also has some safety features that you would expect in much larger and more expensive units. First, the overheat protection has two layers. The first is if the interior temperature reaches 149 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, the unit will automatically shut off. If for some reason the heater continues to heat up, when it reaches 235 degrees, the internal fuse will blow and stop pulling any power.

It also has the standard tip over protection, so if it is knocked over by children or pets, the heater will automatically shut off.

Keep in mind that this is a personal space heater and it’s designed for you to warm yourself, not to heat an entire room. As long as you keep that in mind, you’re sure to find plenty to love when it comes to this small space heater.

Supplemental Heating for Your RV

RVs use propane as the primary source for their heating systems, but it’s always nice to have a backup. You might want one if it’s been a while between refills, or if you are expecting to stay in some exceptionally cold weather. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When you’re parked at a full service site, electricity will often be a lot cheaper than propane as a heating supply. Consider that most full sized heaters pull 1500 watts, so you can figure the total cost there. For example electricity in Florida costs $70 for 1000 Kwh. So, you could run the heater on high for almost 28 days continuously at that price.

In general, however, it will be cheaper to run a pair of small personal space heaters like this Auzkin model. That’s because as long as your RV is insulated well, you’re not going to need to run it much once your internal temperature is up to a comfortable level. Additionally, because of their small size, it’s easy to store them without robbing yourself of other valuable space.

We generally don’t recommend using fuel burning space heaters in your RV because of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. The inside of an RV doesn’t have much cubic footage. And without adequate ventilation, you can quickly be overwhelmed by carbon monoxide.

Pros and Cons

This list of pros and cons will give you a short list of reasons why you might like this small space heater and a couple of reasons why you might want to keep shopping.


● Small footprint of only 4.9 inches by 4.9 inches
● Three modes: 900 watts, 600 watts and fan only
● Two levels of overheat protection
● High efficiency PTC ceramic element


● Personal space heater not suitable for heating a full room


While this Auzkin small space heater isn’t going to do much good if you’re trying to heat a large room, if you wanted to use it to heat an RV or keep your office warm, it would suit nicely. There are three different levels of operation, with two for heat and one for fan only. Keeping those things in mind, this is a great option if you need a small space heater that won’t draw much power to do its job.

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