7 Best Bathroom Heater Reviews of 2019 – (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Whether you are looking for a small bathroom heater for your bathroom, or you are looking to add a portable bathroom heater to your household so that it can be brought to any restroom in the house, a good heater can help keep your house warm and cozy. But what is a bathroom heater? This product is exactly what it sounds like, a heater that warms the temperature of the bathroom, but these heaters are specially designed to be able to work in humid settings – like steam from a shower – and it is important to get the right kind.

During cooler months, people don’t always think about the bathroom as being a place that needs a bit of heat, but while you are brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or styling your hair, you end up spending a good amount of time there. So, it shouldn’t be considered the coldest room in the house. Warming up the temperature a bit to make you and your family more comfortable can be a small difference that makes a big impact. Plus, if you are tired of having to wipe off the fog from the mirrors when getting out of the shower, a heater can help with that.

Finding the best bathroom heater can be difficult with so many on the market to look through and choose from. You might be asking yourself some questions like which one will be the best for my family, or which heater will be enough for the large master bathroom? These kinds of questions help you to determine what kind of heater you should be looking for, and it can help you narrow down the many options.

If you don’t know where to starts, it’s all right. Luckily, we are here to help. Below you will find a list of the seven best bathroom heaters on the market. We will highlight each heater’s best and worst attributes and decide what is it best used for. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide covering the basics of what you need to know when looking for a good bathroom heater.

Bathroom Heater Reviews

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Broan-Nutone AE80B
  • Room Size: 75 sq. ft.
  • Watts: N/A
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 10 x 5.75 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Lasko CD08200
  • Room Size: 225 square feet
  • Watts: 1500 watts
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 7.65 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Broan-Nutone 9093WH
  • Room Size: 65 sq. ft.
  • Watts: 100-Watts
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 12 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Stiebel Eltron 074058
  • Room Size: 215 sq. ft.
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 13.25 x 18.14 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Tatsumaki LD-120
  • Room Size: 120 sqft
  • Watts: 25-30W
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 7.8 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Bathroom Heater Reviews
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • High Quality Heater
  • Room Size: 150 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500 watts
  • Dimensions: 0.9 x 17.2 x 8.7 in
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Broan-Nutone AE80B InVent Series Single-Speed Fan

Type: Single speed ceiling room, ventilation fan

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsWith this fan, you get a ventilation system and heater that allows your bathroom to remain comfortable at all times and eliminate fog created by steam from a shower from the mirror. This bathroom heater is easy to install and it can be done without needing access to the attic and works up to 75 sq. feet. This makes putting in this piece, fast and easy so that you can start enjoying it. With their TrueSeal Damper technology, the Invent fan reduces air leakage up to 50% and reduces cold air backdrafts. It is great for use in the bathroom because it has a GFCI unit that captures the steam before it spreads.

This model is great for use in a bathroom and is easy to install, plus it is put directly into the ceiling so that you don’t have to move it. However, because it is fitted into the ceiling vent, it is not portable, and you will only be able to use it in one bathroom. This also means that if you have multiple full bathrooms in the house, you will need one fan for each room. This can add up, as opposed to having one portable heater that can be moved to whichever room is in use.

Key Features:

● TrueSeal Damper technology
● Installation is simple, no attic access required
● Eliminates fog up to 75 sq. feet
● Reduces air leakage
● Reduces cold air backdrafts

Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Type: Compact space heater with 1500 watts of heating power

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis small electric bathroom heater is showing that big things can come in small packages. This space heater comes with a safety plug that ensures it is safe to use in the bathroom, and it quickly heats an area up to 225 feet. It is equipped with overheat protection so that it can last longer, and it has a one hour shut off time so that if someone forgets to turn it off it won’t stay on all night. This portable heater can be put in any room in the house to keep a comfortable temperature, and also to keep your main heating system from being overworked. This design is lightweight, only 3 pounds, and easy to move around the house when needed, making it the best portable bathroom heater.

The portable, lightweight design is great for being able to move the heater whenever you need it. However, because of that design, it does take up more space than one that is fitted into the air vent. This means that you would likely have to have room in the bathroom on the counter or have a small table or shelf that would be able to hold it. If you have a smaller bathroom space without room for these items, then it may not be the best option for you.

Key Features:

● 1500 watts of power
● Compact, lightweight
● Works up to 225 feet
● 1 hour shut off
● Overheat protection

Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan, Heater, and Light Combo

Type: Exhaust fan with heating and lighting combined

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis bathroom heater fan combo is great for multiple uses in one. This light fixture attaches to the ceiling and easily replaces existing fixtures. This unit works up to 65 sq. feet and comes with a four-function wall switch to control all features of the heater. The light is a bright 100-watt light, the fan is independently used or can have added heat when needed. This bathroom heater fan combo is easy to install and comes in a basic white color so that it will blend in with the bathroom ceiling.

This product is great for those who want an all-in-one fan and heater. However, because it is fitted to the ceiling like a light fixture, you can not move it around the house. This means that you will have to keep it in the bathroom at all times. It also means that if you have multiple bathrooms in the house, you will have to buy one for each of them. If you are looking for something portable that can be moved around the house, then this heater may not be right for you.

Key Features:

● Heater, fan, and light combined
● Works up to 65 sq. ft
● 100-watt light
● Comes with controls
● Attached to ceiling

Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Type: electric bathroom heater attached at wall mount

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis electric bathroom heater is a great option for those who are looking to save some space. With the ability to mount to the wall, it doesn’t require any floor or shelf space for use. It has 120 volts of power and 1500 watts of output. This heater has a quiet operation so that you will barely notice it’s on. It also has a built-in thermostat to allow for maximum temperature control and comfort. It also comes with a frost protection setting with the lowest temperature setting to keep it safe during the cold months.

This design is a great space saver for those who don’t want a portable heater taking up shelf or counter space in their bathroom. However, this item comes with a minimum clearance that keeps you from being able to put this anywhere you like. Although this is not a huge inconvenience, if you were to buy this for a specific place, you could find that with the allowed for smaller bathrooms.

Key Features:

● Wall mounted
● 120 volts
● 1500 watts
● Built-in thermostat
● Frost protection

Tatsumaki LD-120 Electric Bathroom Fan

Type: electric bathroom exhaust and ventilation fan with lighting

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis exhaust fan is practically silent while in use so that you don’t disturb others in the house, and it is a ventilator that removes odors and smells from rooms up to 120 sq. ft. This fan is easy to install and it comes with a double hangar bar system for easy positioning. The size is standard so that it fits in most house’s ceiling joists. There is also a built-in LED light panel so that you can have sufficient lighting as well.

This system is a great option for those who don’t anything taking up space on the counter or shelf in their bathroom because it is attached to the ceiling, putting it conveniently out of the way. However, like the other ceiling attachments on the list, this attribute makes it non-portable so you have to keep it in one room. Also, if you have multiple bathrooms in the house, then you will have to buy a separate one for each room which can add up.

Key Features:

● Electric exhaust and ventilation system
● Lighting included
● Ultra-quiet while on
● Works up to 120 sq. ft.
● Easy to install
● Double bar hanger for positioning
● Fits most ceiling joists

High Quality Bathroom Wall Heater & Free Thermometer Bundle

Type: energy efficient wall mounted heater with thermostat

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis bathroom heater is compact but packs a big punch. The heater works quickly, heating up in just seconds, and is safe around children and pets due to its rounded edges instead of sharp corners. The fan is near silent so that you don’t disturb others in the house, even when used late at night. This heater uses 120 volts and has an output of 1500 watts and is 100% energy efficient.

This is a great choice for those who want soft, safe heat from a fan that will quietly heat the room without disturbing others. This is also a good option for those with young kids and pets because of the rounded edges. However, one drawback is that it needs to be hard-wired with a dedicated power line to your circuit breaker. This may not be able to be done yourself, and if you require professional help, that could significantly add to the cost.

Key Features:

● 100% energy efficient
● Works quickly and quietly
● Rounded edges safe for kids
● 120 volts
● 1500 watts

Broan-Nutone QTX110HL Very Quiet Ceiling Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home

Type: ceiling fan and heater with light

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsThis exhaust fan combo with heater and light is perfect for any room in your house and is made for use in the bathroom. The exhaust fan has a 60-watt light and a 1500-watt heater that can work simultaneously or independently. The two bright incandescent bulbs and a 7-watt nightlight are guaranteed for long and efficient use. This unit is also easy to install yourself so that you don’t have to hire professional help. There are also anti-vibration mounting brackets, 6-inch round duct connector, and a 1.1” long tapered sleeve to aid with installation. The fan function is quiet so that you don’t disturb others in the house.

This bathroom heater fan combo is great for those who want an all-in-one option that will do everything that they are looking for. However, because it is not a portable option, it stays in one room. You could take it and install it in another room if you’d like, but it is not like having a portable heater to unplug and carry because you would have to reinstall it in the next room. This also means that you would need to buy one for each bathroom in the house if you have more than one.

Key Features:

● Heater, fan, and light combo
● 60-watt light
● 1500-watt heater
● 7-watt nightlight
● Easy installation
● Quiet fan

Bathroom Heater Comparison Chart

ItemRoom SizeWattsDimensionsWeight
Broan-Nutone AE80B 75 sq. ft.N/A9.25 x 10 x 5.75 in8 pounds
Lasko CD08200225 square feet 1500 watts 6 x 6 x 7.65 in3.8 pounds
Broan-Nutone 9093WH65 sq. ft. 100-Watts18 x 18 x 12 in20 pounds
Stiebel Eltron 074058215 sq. ft.1500 W4.75 x 13.25 x 18.14 in8 pounds
Tatsumaki LD-120120 sqft25-30W9 x 9 x 7.8 in10 pounds
High Quality Heater150 sq ft1500 watts0.9 x 17.2 x 8.7 in6 pounds
Broan-Nutone QTX110HLN/A1500-Watt11.38 x 7.62 x 17.62 in12.8 pounds

Bathroom Heater Buying Guide

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsWhat Is A Bathroom Heater?

By now, you probably understand exactly what a bathroom heater is. But, if you don’t feel like you know everything you need yet, don’t worry! That is exactly why this guide is here. Read further to find out the answers that you are looking for. Plus, if you have any questions about bathroom heaters and their functions, then feel free to leave your question in the comments below!

Deciding on purchasing a bathroom heater for you and your family can be difficult. The market is filled with various models, styles, and brands that all claim to be the best for the price. But it can be hard to decipher which of these heaters are actually worth your money. That’s why this article is here to help you navigate. Keep reading if you would like to find out more information about what bathroom heaters do, how they work, and how often you can use it.

So, although the term seems self-explanatory, if you aren’t 100% sure what a bathroom heater is, it is used to increase the temperature when it is cold. Most are infrared bathroom heaters that heat quickly and are ideal for heating small spaces. Bathroom heaters also help to keep mirrors from fogging up from the steam of the shower and keep a comfortable temperature so when you step out of the shower, you aren’t met with cold air.

That is not the only function of a bathroom heater because it also helps to rid the air of odor and moisture. It also helps to keep light fixtures, décor and mirrors dry, which can also help keep the mirror from fogging up from the steam of a hot shower.

If your house has a heating system already, then you may think that a separate bathroom heater is redundant. However, these compact bathroom heaters can actually help your indoor heating system not work so hard. This, of course, can also lower the price of your heating bill during the cold winter months and help you to save money. Most are also more energy-efficient than a house heating system, so that brings your cost down even more.

Now that you know exactly what a bathroom heater is, and what it does, let’s move on to the question of who uses a bathroom heater. Is it only for people that don’t have a house heating system?

The answer is: no! Anyone can benefit from using a bathroom heater because of its many functions. Like I mentioned above, even if you have a heating system, you can still get use out of a bathroom heater because of its energy efficiency and the ability to keep mirrors from fogging up with moisture. Plus, because of its ability to reduce odors and smells, you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean for longer.

So, knowing who uses them and why now let’s tackle the question of why they are so popular. Before, you may have thought that using a bathroom heater was only good for certain situations and that most people didn’t need to use one. But, with the multiple benefits that come with using the best bathroom heaters, it is easy to see why so many people choose to use them in their homes.

Using a home heating system can be extremely costly if you have it running for long periods of time during the coldest times of the year. Really, they are not meant to may the house warm, but just to make the house livable. This means that it is typically used to take the chill off, but not used to keep the house at 70 degrees during snowy weather where the temperature drops really low. This would take so much work from your heating system that it could break down, or just end up costing you lots of money.

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsSometimes people also leave the heater on at a certain temperature all the time, just to keep pipes from freezing, or to keep the chill off consistently throughout the winter. This could be another big money waster. If you leave the heater running at the same temperature all the time, then you could be costing yourself hundreds a year. Instead, when you leave, you should turn the heater down 10-15 degrees. But most people don’t do this, making them waste money on a major heating system that is working overtime.

So, having a bathroom heater for just the small space of that room will keep you from turning the main heater up and costing you lots of money. It is much more cost-effective to use a small infrared bathroom heater than the entire house heating system. Using a bathroom heater will make that room more comfortable when you are getting ready for work in the morning, or getting ready for bed at night, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Most bathroom heaters are compact, lightweight, or attach to the ceiling or wall, so you are not giving up valuable space in the bathroom by adding a heater. Some are a gas bathroom heater, others are electric, and most are infrared. The portable options often need to be plugged into a power source, but others are replacing a ceiling light fixture and are connected through that power source so they don’t need another. Many of them attach to the wall and are self-sufficient, not needing a power source as well.

How Does A Bathroom Heater Work?

Most bathroom heaters are infrared heat lamps used to heat the room temperature. A heat lamp is an incandescent light bulb that is used for the purpose of creating heat. The spectrum of black-body radiation emitted by the lamp is shifted to produce more infrared light. This allows the lamp to heat up and emit that heat into the room quickly.

The incandescent light bulb in a bathroom heater has a thin filament surrounded by an inert gas. This filament is a resistor (material that opposes the flow of electricity). When a current is run through the resistor, the resistor turns it into heat. The filament then produces so much that it glows white-hot. This is how heat lamps and all incandescent lights work, and why you see the light from the bulb get brighter as the temperature rises.

Most incandescent lamps are 100 watts or lower, but heat lamps can run up to 250 watts, making them more powerful and able to produce higher heat. The bulbs run at such a high power that they have to be screwed into a ceramic base, instead of plastic, because it will cause the plastic base to melt. A heat lamp will also have a reflector that directs light and heat to wherever you want it to go. So, if you have a bathroom heater that attaches to the ceiling, then the reflector will aim downward so that the room below it will feel the heat.

This is what makes up the bathroom heater that you know, and will hopefully use and love, and how it gets the room to heat up. There are many on the market, and most use the same technology. This way heats the room, gives you better control of where you want to heat to go, and gets you higher temperatures than other options will allow.

What Does A Bathroom Heater Do?

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsA bathroom heater’s main function is to heat up the room. However, it actually has multiple functions that allow it to be a great addition to any household. Not only does a bathroom heater keep the room at a comfortable temperature, but it also helps keep the main heating system from being overworked.

As I mentioned before, having a house heating system running for long periods of time, or running at the same temperature all the time will cost you money. So, a bathroom heater will help keep your costs low by heating up only the one room and allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature.

There are a lot of other things that can benefit from having a bathroom heater in the house, here is a list of a few things that this product can do:

● Reduce heating costs during cold months
● Decrease fog on mirrors
● Reduce energy used for heating
● Keep moisture low and off of fixtures
● Reduce air leakage
● Keep room at comfortable temperature
● Reduce cold air backdraft

As you can see, there are multiple things that a bathroom heater can do besides heating up the space. So, if you were thinking that it is a one-trick pony, think again. This product doesn’t just produce heat, it also does a number of other things that can benefit the buyer.

One drawback that most people can argue, is that with the added cost of the bathroom heater, you might not be saving as much money. This may be true in some cases. However, the amount that is typically spent on a house heating system is much higher than the price of the heater itself. Plus, there are many cost-effective options that will allow customers to keep the cost low. In fact, many on this list can be purchased for less than 100 dollars each. On top of that, portable bathroom heaters can be moved to whatever room is in use, so that you don’t need to buy multiple for the household as you can use the one as needed.

If you are worried about the amount of space in a small bathroom being taken up by a heater, don’t worry. There are plenty of options that allow you to install the heater into the ceiling, some even working as a light fixture as well, or mount it on the wall. This won’t take up space in a cramped bathroom but it will allow you to get the soft heat that you want.

How Often Can You Use A Bathroom Heater?

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsUsing a bathroom heater does not come without any cost, because it does use electricity or gas to power itself. So, often should you use this product? The answer varies. It also depends on what type of heater you have.

For example, if you have a heater that is combined with an exhaust fan and light, then you will likely be using it a bit more often because of the use of the other two. If you can use them independently, then you may not use the heater as much, especially during the warmer months. Heaters are mainly used during the winter, so there isn’t much need to use in the spring or summertime.

However, even during the hotter months, you may still want to run your heater for a short amount of time to help get rid of moisture. Continually producing moisture in your bathroom can end up causing mold to grow, which is always a horrible thing and can cost you lots of money to get rid of if not taken care of right away.

This is especially important for homes where a bathroom doesn’t have a window because that moisture could cause much more damage than in a room with a window that allows airflow. So, even if you don’t always feel like you have to run it, it may still be a good idea to do so until the moisture is eliminated.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Bathroom Heater?

There are many benefits to having a bathroom heater that makes purchasing one for your home well worth the price. The main reason, pretty obvious, is the fact that you can keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature. This can be a great addition for those who live in areas that have harsh winters, which will significantly lower the temperature of the house. This will allow you to heat up just the one room, while you shower and get ready to go to work, or bed.

Another benefit of this comfortable temperature is that young children will benefit from the warmer temperatures. Those with kids will know that children can be picky, whether that is with what they eat, wear, or do. So, children that act out when they are uncomfortable can be a bit much to handle, especially when they are young and more prone to getting sick while it is cold. So, kill two birds with one stone and keep your kids healthy, comfortable, and well behaved even in the harshest winters with a good bathroom heater.

Moisture build-up is something that we have mentioned before, but it begs to be mentioned again. The cost of mold from moisture is extremely expensive and can cause you a lot of headaches. The moisture that is created from running hot water causes mold to grow in the walls and ceilings of bathrooms. One way to combat that growth is by cutting off the moisture with a bathroom heater.

A bathroom heater will help to keep the moisture out of the room so that mold won’t have a chance to grow. This is a great way to keep your bathroom and home safe while saving money from what you could have spent on mold treatments. Mold grows fast, and if it is not taken care of swiftly, it can cause a multitude of problems in your home. Not to mention the danger that arises from being around mold.

So, having a moisture-free area where there could be a danger of creating mold makes a bathroom heater a great option for those who want to stay safe, and keep their costs low.

What Are The Dangers Of Having a Bathroom Heater?

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsYou may be asking yourself if having a heater in a place with water and moisture is safe. This is a valid point because we are often told to keep appliances away from these conditions. Wondering if having an electrical or gas bathroom heater is safe is a common question, and it begs to be answered.

Although having an appliance in the restroom seems like a hazard, there are many precautions taken by these manufacturers to ensure that keeping a bathroom heater is safe. A few of the options that are on our list have cords, which could be seen as unsafe. Well, the cord itself is made to be able to withstand the environment of a bathroom. So, it is safe to have around a damp, moist environment.

However, with these cords needing to be plugged in, there is the question of whether or not having a corded appliance is safe. Well, it is always recommended that anything electrical is kept away from young kids, and kept in areas where they can’t be easily knocked over or unplugged. So, if there are young kids in the house, you may need to take extra precautions.

There are also options that you can choose that will fix this issue. If you worried about having a corded heater, then you can opt for one that is fitted to the ceiling, or mounted to the wall. Both of these options help to keep the electrical components away from children and pets and keep your family safe. Plus, with many of these options, you can install them yourself so there is no added coast of professional labor for installation.

With all that said, you should always err on the side of caution when it comes to safety. So, if you have a portable, corded bathroom heater, you want to make sure that it is out of reach of children and placed somewhere safe when not in use. This can keep any unfortunate accidents from happening, and it also keeps your heater from being knocked over or destroyed.

What To Think About Before Buying

Best Bathroom Heater ReviewsIf you are looking for something specific, and it is not on this list, then there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a bathroom heater.

How Much Space You Have

Knowing how much space you have for a bathroom heater is an important factor because you want to be able to fit your new product in the space without issue. You don’t want to buy a great heater only to come home and find out that it is too big for the space that your bathroom allows. So, you want to know where you can fit the bathroom heater and how much space you can fill.

What Type You Want

If you know that you don’t like the look of having a corded, portable heater, then you can narrow down the options that you want to look for. This can help you make a decision quickly, and get you exactly what you want. There are ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted heaters, and corded options, so knowing which one you would like to have will help in your buying decision.

Check The Reviews

Before you make a purchase, you can always check the bathroom heater reviews online to see what kind of experiences people are having with the product. If you are looking at a specific product or item, you can take a look at the pros and cons that come with buying this product so you know what you are getting into before making a purchase.


Buying a bathroom heater can be a great option for keeping a comfortable temperature, getting rid of moisture, and keeping your home heating costs low. Whether you choose to buy one of the options off our list, or you pick one that you found yourself, you want to know what you are in for, and what you should look for.

With all this new information, I hope that this aids in your decision about which bathroom heater to get for you and your family. There are many options out there, and no matter which one you choose, you need one that fits your home, lifestyle, and preferences. Keeping this in mind, this list helps to narrow down your options and give you a good idea of what you should consider when searching for a different option of your own.

It is clear to see that with all the benefits of having a bathroom heater can be a great addition to any home. But before you make your decision, use this guide to help you make an informed decision of which heater will be the perfect fit for you and your family before making a purchase. If you are looking for a way to get rid of moisture and keep a comfortable temperature in your bathroom, then one of the best bathroom heaters may be just the thing for you.