BV BF-01 Ultra-Quiet Sone Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Product Overview

The BV Ultra-Quiet 90 CFM, 0.8 Sone Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan is a powerful and silent exhaust fan that is made especially for bathrooms for excellent ventilation and exhaust that removes humidity, dust, mildew, and pollutants from the air so you can breathe better. This fan is very energy efficient and it makes so little noise you may wonder if it’s even on.

It can be used in a bathroom up to 90 sq ft which is more than average when it comes to these kinds of exhaust fans, meaning this is one of the more powerful modes that is suitable for both small and large bathrooms alike. The installation options are versatile as it easily integrates with an existing air vent for a quick, hassle-free set-up. Once it’s installed, you can expect a lifetime of excellence out of this product.

BV BF-01 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

BV BF-01

  • Super quiet performance
  • Mounting opening: 9.25" x 9.0"
  • Space up to 90 sq-ft
  • 1 year warranty

Why Ventilate the Bathroom?

Ventilation is important in all inside environments, but in the bathroom it becomes even more of a concern, as the humid environment can breed all sorts of bacteria and mildew. To prevent mildew and mold from growing up on your walls, ceilings, tile, grout, and appliances, an appropriately powerful ventilation system can do wonders.

  • Poor ventilation means the air is dirty.
  • The dirty air can cause mildew to grow on the walls and appliances.
  • Proper ventilation helps keep the space clean.

In addition to helping to keep the bathroom clean, perhaps the most important reason to keep the bathroom well ventilated is so that you can breathe easier. Poorly ventilated bathrooms can be hazardous to human health because those mildew, bacteria, and dust particles may hang in the air and cause respiratory problems which can have long-lasting negative effects on the health of you and your family.

  • Mildew, dust, and bacteria particles are dangerous to breathe in.
  • There are long-lasting nasty medical effects to breathing in dirty air.
  • Proper ventilation makes it easier to breathe.


  • Quietest Bathroom Fan

This exhaust fan for bathroom is incredibly quiet. You will not believe that a fan this powerful could possibly be so quiet, but this fan incredibly does not produce more than a soft buzzing noise as it has only 0.8 sones. Having a quiet bathroom fan is great because a clunky, rattling, buzzing exhaust fan totally ruins the relaxing environment of the shower or bath.

  • No more clunky old ceiling fan, this fan is super quiet!
  • 0.8 Sone
  • 90 CFM
  • Super quiet operation
  • Motor runs quietly
  • Powerful Ventilation

Made specifically for bathroom use, this exhaust fan operates as a rate of 90 cubic sq ft per minute, which is very powerful. In only one minute this fan has the capacity to ventilate a space of 90 sq ft in only sixty seconds. It has a powerful motor that is long-lasting and gives smooth, powerful ventilation for the lifetime of the bathroom.

  • Ventilates a space of up to 90 sq ft.
  • Quality and performance guaranteed.
  • Long-lasting parts and motor.
  • High-Quality Construction

This is a system that is meant to last, with only the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing process. Each part is certified safe and long-lasting. You can expect this ceiling fan to outlive many of your other home appliances and it retains it’s clean appearance and smooth operation for a lifetime. The high-quality motor is engineered for performance and quiet operation and it really delivers. The grille is sturdy and will not easily discolor, scratch, or break in any way.

  • Certified safe.
  • Clean and efficient.
  • Engineered for precision.
  • Warranty Information

This product comes with a one year factory warranty from the manufacturer that protects against all kinds of parts damages during that time and guarantees excellent performance. For more information about the warranty options available, the customer service line is happy to help with all your questions regarding warranty and installation and more.

  • One-year warranty.


  • No-Heater

This ventilation system is for fan only and does not include the option for heating.


The BV Ultra-Quiet 90 CFM, 0.8 Sone Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan is one of the quietest and most powerful bathroom exhaust fans that are currently available on the market for residential and commercial bathrooms. It is super quiet and can ventilate a space up to 90 sq ft with ease. It has a simple white decorative grille that goes right over a vent for a seamless integration with your bathroom, and can easily be swapped out in exchange for your old ceiling fan.

This fan is superior to any old bathroom fans in a variety of ways, the number one being that the fan is far more energy efficient while being faster all at the same time. It is also a money-saving model as it uses less energy. It is great for bathroom ventilation in terms of removing all humidity and mildew from the air and providing a cleaner and healthier environment.

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