BXT Portable Air Conditioner Fan Review

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Last Updated: 06/21/2020

BXT Portable Air Conditioner Fan Have you ever wished for a portable air conditioner that could keep you cool virtually anywhere? BXT has listened to its customers and designed this highly portable camping air conditioner. If you are looking for something to keep you comfortable wherever you go, we recommend you take a look at this product.

Product Overview

This air conditioner, while strong enough to keep you comfortable, is one of the most portable A/C units on the market. It’s light enough that it can be carried practically anywhere, and it’s going to fit just about any space. Despite its compact size, it can truly keep you cool.

When we refer to it as portable, we truly mean just that. The measurements are so small that you can carry it in your handbag, briefcase or backpack. It measures 5.8 x 4.7 x 4.5 inches and weighs 1.76 ounces.

You may be wondering how something so small can possibly keep up—it really can. This is an air conditioner that comes with an array of great features that you would never expect in a unit this size.

Before we discuss the features, let’s take a glance at the way this fan looks. It comes in several colors, all of them mixed with a white base: black, blue, green, pink, purple. It has a modern look and will not just fit, but also suit, any space.

Affordable cooling in a compact package

BXT refer to this product as a “drawer style desktop mini fan”, and we are inclined to agree. You can easily place it on the desk at your office and enjoy perfect temperatures. It has a perfect range to keep you comfortable, but won’t bother your coworkers if you use it at work.

This is also a camping air conditioner. What this means is that you can easily take it with you when you go on a camping trip. You can keep it in your tent, or at the table, to cool down your environment.

It has two cooling settings for you to choose from. You can use it as a regular fan without making the air any colder, but during extreme heat, you may want a bit more than that. Luckily, that is entirely possible.

All you have to do in order to achieve a blast of cold air is to put some ice cubes in the built-in tray that this product has. The effect is instantaneous, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

Speaking of being environmentally friendly – this fan will not cost you much in terms of your power bill. You can charge it viaUSB, which is handy, because you can just hook it up to a power bank. However, if you’re in a place with zero electronics, don’t worry – you can also just replace the 3 AA batteries that power this unit.

Safe for children

This air conditioner is safe for children because it cools without the use of fan blades. Many of us have at some point had an accident where fingers met the blades of a fan – it’s always unpleasant. This unit helps you avoid it by using air vents as opposed to blades.

One last amazing feature is that you can also make it spread a nice scent all over your room. Just pour a few drops of perfume into it, and your whole room or tent will smell amazing. This is an unusual feature in similar fans, and gives this unit yet another use. Even if you don’t currently need to cool down, you can always use it as a fragrance machine.

Pros and Cons


Extremely portable – this unit is as portable as it ever gets. You can even put it in your handbag. This makes it a fantastic choice both for trips and the office or school.
Perfume smell – you can add a fragrance to this air conditioner, which results in a beautifully smelling home.
Comes in a variety of colors – you can pick your favorite.
Great for kids – due to how safe the design is, it’s a better option than many other fans.
USB/battery operated – easy to use on the road.


The size – its virtue is also a flaw. If you are looking for a massive air conditioner that cools the whole room, this is not it.
A little noisy – some users have reported it being a bit noisy at times.


When looking for a camping air conditioner, you may be at a loss when it comes to actually making your choice. Having to decide between portability and versatility is not easy. Fortunately, with this BTX Portable Air Conditioner Fan, you will never have to.

If you want something that you can bring with you anywhere, but also something that keeps you comfortable, consider getting this A/C unit.