Delonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater Review

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Delonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater ReviewThis Delonghi stylish ceramic heater was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s “The O List” and has gained massive popularity since then. It’s not surprising, given its stylish looks and the numerous features. This 1500 watt heater is fast to activate and provides near instantaneous heat.

Product Overview

This heater has three settings; two of the settings are for heat and one provides for fan only ventilation. The integrated handle provides an easy way to pick this unit up and move it around as needed. Safety features include an overheat protection that automatically shuts the space heater off if it gets too hot and anti-tip protection that not only shuts off the unit, but also sounds an alarm.

The heater also includes an adjustable electronic thermostat, as well as an Eco Setting that automatically cycles the heater to keep your set comfort level as well as a timer that lasts for up to 24 hours. One unique feature about this space heater is a standby option that allows you to place it in standby mode.

Once in standby mode, it will automatically turn on when it detects the temperature drop below freezing. This is perfect if you maintain two homes for summer and winter. When you’re in warmer climes during winter, you can place a couple of these heaters near your water pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting. That will save you a lot of money on potential property damage and insurance claims.

This heater is very light, weighing less than three pounds and has a 4 inch deep by 7.5 inch wide footprint. It is 11 inches tall, which means that in total it’s about the size of a box of almond milk.

One drawback that users have complained about is the fan noise; they say that the fan is louder than the ones in other similar models that are quiet space heaters. So whether this will outweigh the features that this Delonghi brings to the table is up to you.

How Convection Heaters Work.

Convection heaters work on the principle of heating up the air and moving that around your room. As more air gets heated, the average temperature in the room starts to go up until it reaches a level you are comfortable with.
Convection is one of three ways that heat can move from an area of high heat to an area of low heat. (The other two are radiation and conduction.)

Heat treats the air as a liquid, and that means that as the air gets warmer, that heat surrounds you and makes all of you warmer. This is different from radiant heating where only the side that faces the heat source gets warm.

Admittedly, it does take longer for convection heat to warm you up because it does have to heat the entire room, which is why it’s still beneficial to sit near your heater when you first turn it on. However, as it runs, you’re going to feel the ambient temperature in the room start to rise, increasing your comfort level.

One thing to remember is that heat rises, and as your convection heater works, you need a way to circulate the air to keep from just heating up your ceiling. Using a ceiling fan to draw air up will force the warm air down, and help keep the warmth in circulation.

Pros and Cons

When deciding on any home purchase, you should take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of any unit so you can get an idea of whether it will fit in with your purchase. Here are some of them so you can give this space heater a quick once over.


● 24 hour timer
● Tip over safety feature shuts off unit and sounds alarm
● Less than three pounds in mass
● Standby mode allows for automatic warming if the ambient temperature drops below freezing
● Multiple settings as well as one for fan-only.


● Fan is a little loud


Whether you’re a fan of Oprah or not, Delonghi stylish ceramic heater is a solid pick for a space heater. With the digital thermostat and eco setting to help maintain your comfort setting, it’s got a lot of features. Admittedly, the price is a little high for this class of space heaters, but the stylish form factor and unique features help offset that. Bottom line, if you like the aesthetics of the unit, you’ll like the other features this heater brings.