DoubleFly Personal Mini Space Heater Review

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DoubleFly Ceramic Personal Space HeaterDoubleFly Personal Space heater is a small ceramic space heater that kicks out quite a bit of heat up close. It has two heat settings, one that uses 750 watts and the other that uses 1500 watts. As always, the wattage doesn’t necessarily translate to pure thermal output because of the inefficiency of the various heating elements. The wattage really only tells you how much energy you’re using.

Product Overview

However, when using this space heater, because it is a ceramic radiant heater, you are going to feel the heat right away. It advertises a 3-second start up period, but it seems much faster than that for it to reach maximum heat as long as you’re right in front of it. If you’re out of line of sight, it will take time for the fan to blow warm air far enough to warm you up.

Safety wise, this space heater has the two that you really should look for in an electric radiant space heater: an overheat sensor and a tip sensor. With this model, if the unit tips past 30 degrees, it should automatically shut off. Likewise, there is an overheat sensor inside so if the space heater gets too hot, it will automatically turn off.

This is one of the best small space heaters for personal use, whether you decide to use it at work at your desk or at home while you’re watching television. It can be used to heat a small room, and would work in a small bedroom, but any overly large room isn’t really going to work because of the way radiant heat works.

Radiant Heat and You

Radiant heat is one of the three ways that heat is transmitted (the other two being convection and conduction). The primary advantage to radiant heat is that it is quick. When you turn on a radiant heater, you’re going to feel the heat almost immediately as the power flows through the resisting elements like ceramic or quartz.

As those elements heat up, they start throwing out heat radiation, which hits you as you’re standing in front of the heater rubbing your hands and trying not to freeze. In most cases, you start getting full heat output inside of three seconds.

However, that instant heat is part of the drawback to radiant heat as well. That’s because the radiation requires line of sight. So as soon as you move out from in front of the radiant heater, you stop getting warmed up by all the heat rays.

Another drawback to radiant heaters is that you need to be close to get the most effect. Not too close or you’re going to get burned, but close enough that you stay warm. As radiation travels, it disperses and becomes less effective. The farther away the item is, the fewer rays of heat that will hit it. That translates directly into less heat.

To combat this, most modern heaters use both radiant heat and convection heat, where a fan blows around warm air. The radiant heat warms you immediately, and the warm air circulates and helps make the entire space comfortable. That way, when you step out from in front of the radiant heat, the room is a little warmer.

Pros and Cons

Here is a short list of the pros and cons of this space heater so you can get an idea of the primary reasons you should get it and why you might look at another space heater.


● Great personal space heater that warms up almost immediately
● Small form factor and lightweight
● Long 50-inch power cable gives you flexibility of placement
● Uses PTC radiant heat with a fan for additional convection warming
● Fan only mode when you just want to circulate air


● Personal space heater, not really suitable for larger rooms
● Care must be taken with the front of the heater to avoid contact burns


DoubleFly Personal Space heater is a great small space heater that will function nicely as a personal space heater for your office while you work or as a way to warm up while you’re curled up on the couch. As long as you keep in mind the limitations of the smaller size, then this is a great heater with a good value for the price point.