Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater Review

Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater ReviewIf you are looking for a heater for the garage or a similar environment, then look no further. The Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater states right in its name that it is a propane heater for garage use and also manages to be a durable and reliable option for the average individual. Besides being affordable, this model is also fuel efficient and will keep you warm without causing you to sweat and overheat in your own home.

Product Overview

Although the name can be a mouthful, the Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater itself is actually a relatively small and lightweight heater for indoor use. This model does need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, but supplies enough energy to keep a room warm for as long as you would like. The full product dimensions are 14.5 x 14.5 x 13 in. while the heater itself weighs 27 lbs.

This Dr. Heater DR 966 comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and is made of steel for extra durability. It has five way adjustable louvres so you can control the air flow, and the temperature is also adjustable between several settings. One of the best features of this heater, though, is the totally enclosed, thermally protected, heavy duty ball bearing motor that is protected and responsible for transmitting heat to an area measuring 750 sq. ft.

Unlike some other models, this Dr. Heater DR 966 is portable and even comes with a convenient carrying handle so you can move it around with ease.

Electric Heater Information

Electric heaters are a great choice for the average individual because they are easy to use and don’t require a ton of knowhow or energy. All you need to do is plug this model in. The energy from the electricity heats an internal filament while fans pull cold air into the machine. The air is forced over the filament, which warms the air. Another fan pushes the heated air out so it then warms the environment with little muss or fuss.

While some people prefer a propane heater for garage use, electric heaters actually possess a couple of distinct advantages over their counterparts. In particular, the electric fuel source doesn’t run out so long as the device is plugged into an outlet. You also don’t have to work with a flammable gas that poses some significant safety risks, making electric heaters preferable in garages with tons of machines and equipment.

Besides being safer, electric heaters are also simple to use and don’t need to light fires. All you need to do is plug one into the wall to get it to work. The only downside is you will see the heater’s use on your energy bill. But, if you’re working in the garage with power tools and similar equipment, the energy usage really won’t stand out.

Pros and Cons


● Simple – All you have to do is plug this heater in to get it to work
● Efficient – For a small heater, the Dr. Heater DR966 can warm a large space, making it ideal for garages
● Affordable – Although this heater relies on a home’s electricity, it doesn’t pull a ton of energy while in use, so bills at the end of the month are still affordable
● Clean Burning – Electricity doesn’t produce any fumes, smoke, or vapors, so you can breathe easy knowing you’re not inhaling anything hazardous or harmful
● Safe – You don’t have to worry about flammable gas when using an electric heater
● Warranty – Each Dr. Heater DR966 comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer to cover wear and tear during regular use


● Lukewarm – Some users complain that the low setting of this machine doesn’t actually produce hot air but rather a warm variant that is closer to an ambient temperature


The Dr. Heater DR966 is a great option for a garage heater since it works well, requires only an electrical outlet, and is safe to have around power tools. You’ll never have to worry about flammable gas and can get a reliable unit for an affordable price, making this optimal even for people on a budget.