Dr Infrared Heater DR998 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

With the multiple heating options available in today’s market, it can be difficult to determine which one may be the right fit. As there are benefits and disadvantages to each option, it is often important to weigh these before purchasing a heater. Though purchasing specific heaters may require additional considerations, the Dr Infrared Heater DR998 manages to not only provide a reliable heater, but also a humidifier and oscillation fan for a more complete solution.

Dr Infrared DR-968 Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared DR-968 Portable Space Heater

  • Noise level 39 dB super quiet
  • Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 85 degrees
  • Dual Heating Systems
  • Weights 24 lbs 

Product Overview

The Dr Infrared Heater is one of the more unique heaters on the market today. Very similar to the comfort zone infrared heaters in terms of design and versatility, it provides you with a three in one solution. This heater gives the option of cooling and heating within one single product.

For warmer months, the oscillating fan can work without the heat function operating. Thanks to the dual-element design, this heater will be able to run at any time throughout the year.

Both small and portable, this heater will allow you to heat multiple rooms within a short time. Using the misting functionality of its built-in humidifier, the heat transfer rate within the designated room will also be positively affected by the design of this heater.

Additionally, the design of the heater allows for a cool-touch exterior sure to protect both your children and pets. If the heater does start to reach higher temperature levels, the Dr. Infrared Heater also includes an auto-shutoff protection system, as well as a stabilization feature to avoid it tipping over

Benefits of Convection Heating

Convection heating often proves to be more efficient than radiant heaters. While both can seem complicated, radiant heaters transmit heat to people directly while convection heaters use a heating element to heat the air within a room.

While radiant heaters are better in cases where an individual is in the direct line of sight, convection heaters are well-suited for multiple situations. They will allow you to move around freely while the room heats to an adequate temperature

Convection heating is designed to use air circulation within a room to warm the space. This means that air travels through the unit over an element and is blown throughout the room. They are best used in closed spaces and are perfect for heating large rooms for long time periods.

Pros and Cons


• Digital Thermostat – As with many portable heaters, the Dr Infrared Heater uses a digital thermostat to set your ideal temperature.
• Humidifier Included – The included humidifier ensures that moisture remains in the air throughout the duration of use. This will prove highly beneficial to allergy and asthma sufferers.
• Versatile – Though most heaters have one function, this model will give you not only a heater, but also a humidifier, and an oscillating fan. This means that is can be used in both the colder and warmer months depending on your needs.
• Remote Control – There’s no need to manually adjust the temperature with this heater. You’re able to modify this with the push of a button using the provided remote control
• Portable – Very easy to move from room to room, this heater is lightweight compared to some other options on the market
• Easy Cleaning – This heater uses a single filter designed to last throughout the lifetime of the heater. Cleaning supplies are commonplace items such as water or even a vacuum for convenience.


• Effectiveness – In general, convection heaters are not always as effective as you may want. As they rely on the air in the room to circulate heat, the size of the room and a lack of airflow may prove to be an issue for you.
• Visual Appeal - While this is both an interesting and useful heater, the overall look of the heater is not highly appealing. It has a very dated exterior, despite its technologically forward design


Overall, the Dr Infrared Heater DR988 may appear to be basic at first but is highly advanced and useful. With the inclusion of multiple products, and its ability to be useful in multiple climates, this particular heater is sure to give you most if not all of what you need in a very small package.

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