Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

This portable space heater by Dr. Infrared is a great looking unit with some spectacular features. It combines the direct and quick heat of an infrared heater with the long lasting comfort of a convection forced air heater. On top of that, it has a few things going for it that others don’t.

Product Overview

This infrared heater has two heat modes, low and high. The low mode uses 1000 watts of power while the high mode uses 1500 watts to generate heat. The large and easy to read display panel on the front is designed to be intuitive to use and it is. It doesn’t matter if you want to set the timer to take advantage of the 12 hour countdown or you want to set the thermostat anywhere from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr Infrared DR-968 Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared DR-968 Portable Space Heater

  • Noise level 39 dB super quiet
  • Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 85 degrees
  • Dual Heating Systems
  • Weights 24 lbs 

This unit uses two different heating cores; one is ceramic, which is where the convection air mostly comes from and the other is a quartz tube element, which provides the direct infrared heating. The heat is quick to come on, and you can feel it warming you inside of a couple of seconds.

When it comes to heating a medium sized living room, it takes about 15 minutes to bring it up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This time will vary depending on how your room is set up and how well insulated it is.

As far as portability goes, the Dr Infrared portable heater has a set of caster wheels underneath. The wheels make it easy to move the space heater, although it only weighs 19 pounds, so it’s not hard to pick it up. No matter where you put it, you’re going to get that room warm and quickly.

Why Do Infrared Heaters Heat That Way?

You may wonder why when you stand directly in front of an infrared heater, you feel toasty warm, but if you move one foot to the side, you start to freeze again. And for that matter, why does only the side facing the heater get warm while the side facing away is freezing?’

The reason behind this is because infrared heaters rely on radiation to warm objects. Radiation is one of three ways that heat will move from one area to another. The other two are convection and conduction. Radiation travels in a straight line, which means that if you can’t see the heating element, none of the heat rays are going to be able to touch you.

It’s like when the sun is bright on a cold fall day. When you stand in the sun, you quickly become warm. But the moment you enter the shade, you start to cool off and eventually, you get cold. That’s because the sun is a giant radiant heater.

This space heater has a special blower that delivers warm air fast. According to the tests that Dr Infrared has provided, it moves air at 250 degrees at 3.5 meters per second compared to competitors that only move 155 degree Fahrenheit air at 2.2 meters per second.

There are three power settings for this heater. The low setting uses 1000 watts, while the high setting pulls 1500 watts. There is also the automatic setting that will control the temperature according to the comfort setting you set. The thermostat is able to be set from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and is controlled from the digital control panel on the front of the space heater.

There is also a 12 hour timer for all functions, so you can set it to regulate the temperature for that time, after which, it will shut off. Other safety features included with this heater are overheat protection and tip over protection. In both cases, the space heater will automatically shut off and need reset to power back on.

Why Do Infrared Heaters Have Fans?

The simplest answer is so that you don’t have to stand in one spot to stay warm. The more complicated answer is that the heater is taking advantage of convection heating to make itself more efficient. Convection heating is when heat uses a fluid (like water or air) to move heat from one area to another. The heater draws in cold air, and it picks up heat from either the ceramic or quartz elements and becomes hot.

That hot air gets blown out and shares its warmth with every other air molecule. Eventually, the air around you is warm, and you don’t have to huddle in blankets.

Saving Money with Convection Heat

You don’t run a space heater because you like it, you run one to save money so you don’t have to run your conventional heating system. But it doesn’t help to run a convection heater if you’re just leaking hot air out into the winter. Here are a few tips on weatherproofing your home.

Do a candle test – When you think you might be losing heat to a draft, one of the easiest ways to find it is using a candle. Light a taper and being careful of the dripping wax, walk around the edges of the room. When you get a draft, the candle flame will start to flicker. Follow the direction of the flame until you pinpoint where the warm air is escaping. Then seal that place up, whether it’s a window, a door, or a crack you didn’t know about.
Insulate your plugs and switches – you would be amazed at how much heat you can lose through a light switch or outlet. Get a foam insulating gasket to help separate your warm room from the chilly spaces in your walls.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to space heaters, it’s important to know the pros and cons of the specific model so you get an idea of if it fits with your needs or not. Here’s a short list of the pros and cons of the Dr. Infrared portable space heater.


  • Full range thermostat goes from 50 to 86 degrees
  • 7-inch blower fan pushes warm air around quickly and efficiently
  • Built-in caster wheels make moving the space heater easy.

● Light Weight - In comparison to other heaters, this one is much less, weighing in at only 19 pounds. This makes it a whole lot easier for you if you like to have your heater on the go—and/or take it with you in certain instances.

● Low Noise Blower - You don't have to feel bothered by the noise of the heater kicking on—or kicking off—as you are trying to sleep. Instead, it remains at a quiet level ensuring that you sleep peacefully without bother or distraction.

● Remote Control - It is up to par with its competitors, and like many heaters of its kind, comes with a remote control. This makes it easily accessible so that you can change the settings of your device to whichever mode you prefer. You can even adjust it to auto mode so that it cycles on and off, rather than to keep it running throughout.

● Two Heating Systems - Not only is this heater quiet, but powerful—with the aid of two heating systems. This ensures that a wide range of your home stays warm, under and up to 1,000 square feet. As a result, you'll find that you are getting a whole lot more for your money, by decreasing the amount you originally might have wasted on your electric bill.


● Overheating - If you aren't careful as to what setting you put your heater on, it raises the risk of it overheating. That goes for the device, as well as you—if you are one to get warm easily. In turn, it is best to check on your heater from time to time to make sure that it is running how you want it to—to fit your needs.

● No fan-only mode available


This Dr. Infrared space heater is a great high-end space heater with a nice form factor and a finish that will match most rooms. It has several features that make it worth its asking price, including two separate heating elements and an oversized forced air fan. If you need a supplemental heater, this is a great option.

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