Hauslane BF200 Electric Bathroom Fan Ultra Quiet Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Product Overview

The Hauslane BF200 Electric Bathroom Fan - 120 CFM Ultra Quiet Exhaust & Ventilation Fan is a powerful yet quiet 120 CFM bathroom fan from the trusted manufacturer Hauslane. The exhaust fan is almost completely silent, which is great for both shared housing and enjoying a relaxing shower alone without the sound of a noisy old bathroom fan. This electric bathroom fan is suitable for spaces up to 120 sq ft, meaning that it is the perfect bathroom fan for moderate to large bathroom spaces. The average bathroom is only about 40 sq ft, so this is a very high-capacity ceiling fan.

Hauslane BF200 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Hauslane BF200

  • Noise Level: 1.2 Sones
  • CFM Rating: 120
  • 6 Watt LED Light Kit
  • 2 year warranty

Why is Bathroom Ventilation Important?

Proper ventilation in indoor spaces is essential to human health, but it is especially important in bathrooms where the warm wet air is the perfect breeding ground for airborne mildew, germs, and bacteria. Using the right ventilation fan for your bathroom will stop the spread of mildew, making it easier to clean as well as easier to breathe better. If you use harsh chemicals in the bathroom as beauty products or for cleaning, you will want to make sure that a good exhaust fan is running.

Best Product Features

  • Near-Silent Operation

For shared living spaces, this bathroom fan is ideal because it’s almost silent operation will powerfully ventilate a space up to 120 sq ft without disturbing anyone else in the house. Nobody enjoys the noise of a clanky, failing old bathroom ceiling fan, and upgrading to a high-capacity, and quiet new fan will make your bathing experience far more relaxing.

  • Powerful Ventilation

This fan is powerful enough to ventilate a space of up to 120 sq ft and it removes bad odors, mildew, dust, and chemicals from the air in sixty seconds. Although the fan is a small and compact size, it has powerful suction which pulls bad odors and contaminants out of the room. It improves the airflow and circulation in the space.

  • Free Two-Year Warranty

Included with your purchase is a free two-year warranty from the manufacturer which protects the fan against parts defects as well as shipping damages, guaranteeing excellent performance over those first two years, although you can expect this ceiling fan to last a lifetime with the proper care.

  • Integrated Light Fixture

This electric bathroom ceiling fan comes with a built-in light fixture with a 6W LED light panel which illuminates the entire bathroom with a visually pleasing glow. This conveniently allows you to save space in the design of your bathroom because the fan and light are integrated into one compact package.

  • Energy Efficient

An old, inefficient ceiling fan may be guilty of many crimes, including bad noises, poor ventilation, and even running up your energy bill. Hauslane electric bathroom fans are certified energy-efficient, with a powerful motor that is not wasteful at all. The LED light is also a more energy-efficient solution to bathroom lighting compared with traditional light bulbs.

  • Easy to Install

You can easily switch out an existing ceiling fan with this new upgraded model using the quick connect system. It is also easy to integrate into a new bathroom as well. It’s super easy to install so you won’t need to hire a professional. It has a double hanger bar system which makes it easy to position the ceiling fan how you want it. The sizing of the ceiling fan is made to be the standard size so that it will fit with almost all ceilings. There is a 4” vent connector.

  • Clean & Compact Appearance

This ceiling fan comes in a compact size which will not interrupt the flow of your bathroom decor or distract from any other elements of the room. The fan is so quiet that you may even forget that it’s there. The fan and light are integrated so you can save space and have the best results from your fan and light. The white cover grate for the fan is easy to clean and has a sleek appearance that will match almost all bathrooms.


  • No Heater

While this product does deliver powerful ventilation to the bathroom space for eliminating humidity and odors, it does not have a built-in heater to warm the room. It only circulates the air and does not change its temperature.


The Hauslane BF200 Electric Bathroom Fan - 120 CFM Ultra Quiet Exhaust & Ventilation Fan is a powerful and energy-efficient model of a ceiling fan. Perhaps the best thing about this fan is how quiet it is. It is one of the quietest ceiling fans on the market for a 120 sq ft bathroom. It has an almost silent operation, which is amazing considering the size of the space that it can ventilate quickly. This ventilation system comes with a built-in LED light to illuminate the bathroom during late-night bathroom visits. This fan efficiently reduces moisture and bad odors in the bathroom for a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable bathroom experience.

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