hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Most people love nice, warm weather, but not many people enjoy it when it’s humid and extremely hot outside. There’s a big difference between comfortably warm and unbearably hot. Luckily, air conditioners exist to help us control the temperature in our homes. If you are looking for the most energy efficient air conditioner on the market, consider the hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner.

Product Overview

This hOmeLabs air conditioner is one of the strongest you will find. It is perfect for cooling down even the warmest of rooms, and it’s window-mounted, so it won’t take up much space in your home.

hOmeLabs prides itself on its people-first engineering, and they aim to tailor their products to your needs. After extensive research of their customers’ needs, they were able to figure out what exactly people need in the perfect A/C unit. This model is the result of that research and subsequent design.

Homelabs 5,000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Homelabs Window Mounted Air Conditioner

  • 5,000 BTU
  • Coverage: 150 square feet
  • 6 ft, 3-prong power cord
  • 36.5 pounds weight

This is a fairly compact unit that you will have no problem mounting on your window. Despite the small size, it's a heavy-duty conditioner and, as such, it's very durable and solid. The design of this air conditioner is clean and modern, and will fit any space.

Perfect cooling in any type of weather

The hOmeLabs Window Mounted Air Conditioner has 5000 BTUs of cooling power, allowing it to chill indoor spaces up to 150 square feet in size. As such, it's perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, living rooms or smaller apartments. However, if your home is on the larger side, you can still use this in one of your rooms to keep cool.

You will find that this air conditioner is a must-have in the summer, or if you live in an area where the temperatures are constantly high. It comes with a very easy-to-use dual-cooling system that will make your room pleasantly chilly in no time. You will have complete control over the temperature thanks to the mechanical rotary controls.

This unit features 7 different temperature settings, which makes achieving the perfect temperature really easy. Whether you prefer your room to be really cold, or you enjoy a nice moderate temperature, this powerful air conditioner will achieve it in no time. It also has separate settings for its dual-cooling system and for the fan. Despite the power of this unit, it's one of the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market.

Something that you will find especially helpful is the full-width, two-way airflow that lets you direct that refreshing air wherever you need it the most. This is especially helpful after a workout, as it allows you to blast the cold air directly at your face.

Quick, energy efficient, and easy to use

Thanks to the rotary-adjustable fan speeds, you can choose how quickly to cool down your room. At the highest setting, this air conditioner truly does work fast, bringing your room down to comfortable temperatures really quickly.

The hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner measures 16 inches long x 12 inches high x 15.4 inches deep. It will fit just about any window, but it's ideal for windows measuring between 23 and 36 inches wide and at least 13 inches high.

Other than its easy-to-use controls, this unit is also easy to mount. Even if you have no prior experience, you will manage it thanks to the mounting kit that it comes with: filter, support brackets, leaf guards, window seal foam, and a handy drip-free installation guide.

Speaking of filters, this air conditioner features a reusable eco filter. A filter is a fantastic addition to any A/C unit, especially if you or your family suffer from allergies or asthma. The filter is antibacterial and will protect you from dust or pollen.

This hOmeLabs window A/C unit is great for more than just your comfort - it's great for your wallet, too. It has an 11.1 energy efficiency ratio, which makes it one of the most energy efficient air conditioners out there. With its low-power startup, this unit actively ensures low power usage.

Pros and Cons


● 7 different temperature settings, as well as dual-cooling and fan settings for optimal temperature and fan speed
Compact size - this small window-mounted air conditioner will not take up space in your home
Very energy efficient - easy on your power bill
Reusable eco filter – easy-to-clean filter keeps your A/C in perfect condition


Made for smaller rooms - if you want to use this unit in a large room, it may not have as much power as it would in a small space
● Can be a little loud


Not every air conditioner unit needs to be massive. This hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner is compact, but it's very efficient and powerful. If you are looking for an A/C unit fit for a smaller room, this is definitely a good pick.

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