hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner Review

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Homelabs 5,000 BTU Window Mounted Air ConditionerIt’s summer and you need to find the best window air conditioner fast. Where do you start and how do you know which unit is really the perfect option?

First, it’s important to gather some information about the room you’re cooling. How large is it? Is there a window? If you do have a window space available, a window air conditioning unit can be a great money saver.

Unlike split-system units, window-mounted units are only one piece, installed directly into a window frame. This makes them fairly easy to install and clean. Keep reading to find out if this product is the best window air conditioner for you.

Product Overview

For starters, this unit is small. In fact, it’s only 36.5 pounds! Thanks to its size, it’s easy to install with dimensions (D x H x W) at 15.4” x 12” x 16. It also comes with an air conditioner mounting kit. Of course, as suggested by its size, it is built for a smaller space that is up to 150 feet.

The unit offers 5,000 BTUs of cooling power. While this is perfectly suitable for a small space, it will not work for any area larger than 150 square feet. If you’re looking to cool a small apartment, bedroom, or dorm room, this is a great option. Other similar options with varied BTU levels may be available on the company’s home website.

It is also an incredibly affordable option, at under $200 and with free shipping. It’s a great option for a personal or RV air conditioning unit.
In addition, it has 7 different temperature settings, 2-way directional air flow and adjustable high or low fan speeds. Plus, a reusable washable antibacterial filter to keep air clean and breathable.

Pros and Cons


● Very small and compact, weighs only 36.5 pounds in total
● Offers some control over temperature with 7 different settings
● Easy installation, comes with an air conditioner mounting kit
● Quiet operation
● Reusable washable eco slide-out filter to keep air clean and increase ease of maintenance
● BTU capacity of 5,000, perfect for small spaces
● Efficient, estimated yearly operating cost of $41, depending on utility rates and usage


● No remote to control the temperature of the unit, fan speeds and temperature level are adjustable, but you cannot select a specific, numeric temperature.
● With an efficiency rating of 11.1 SEER, this unit is not incredibly efficient. It does not meet Energy Star qualifications.
● 2-year warranty for damages, breaks, and product issues
● Louvers move left and right only for directional air flow. This limits how even the distribution of cool air is.


For a personal air conditioner, this unit offers ease of installation and small size and weight. It’s suited best for small spaces. While the unit offers 7 different temperature settings and 4 different fan speeds, the use cannot control the exact numerical temperature of the room. This is incredibly frustrating, especially since the company does not specify the lowest temperature it is capable of reaching.

Also, while it has a projected yearly cost of only $41, this depends largely on utility rates and unit usage. Plus, the unit only offers an efficiency level of 11.1 SEER, which puts it below Energy Star qualifications. This means the unit is not very energy efficient.

It is an affordable and attractive unit with easy cleaning due in part to the slide-out removable and washable eco filter that is included. This antibacterial filter works to keep air fresh and breathable, and it is easy to clean. To do so, just slide the filter out of the unit, and was with dish soap and water or vacuum it clean with a dust buster.

Company Info and Model Specifications

At hOmeLabs, the goal is to create user-friendly appliances that are approachable and mindful. For instance, the product that we just reviewed was easy to install and uncomplicated. Not to mention, very affordable.
The company offers start-up kits with many of their products. These kits are designed to help make your purchase fit right at home. Each unit prioritizes clean cooling and quick maintenance.

The company creates many different appliances, from full-size kitchen appliances to mini ice makers and fridges. In addition, they offer customer service via email, phone, and chat for 17 hours per day on weekdays and 7 hours per day on the weekends. On top of consistent customer support, hOmeLabs offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for any reason. It’s simple and easy.

This model in particular is one of the most affordable personal options. It is catered to a smaller space, however, so it depends on the needs of the buyer. Currently, the only other option they offer for a larger space is a 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. If you’re looking to cool a small, personal space, this could be the best window air conditioner for you.