Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Product Overview

The Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a versatile and high-quality model of fan. It has an LED light fixture which is more energy conservative than other forms of traditional light bulbs and are set within a clear seeded glass lens. The fan is vintage inspired with warm, dark homey colors. It is a good span to be used in medium or large size rooms and is dampness resistant for outdoor use in patios as well. It is easy to install and can be mounted flush with the ceiling, using a standard downrod, or on a slanted ceiling with an angled downrod.

This ceiling fan by Honeywell offers long-lasting high-performance ventilation for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a timeless style that makes it an elegant addition to any room or patio. It’s easy to install, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest

  • 5 Blades
  • No. of Speeds: 3
  • Mounting: Flush or Downrod
  • 22.2 pounds weight


Vintage Style

This unique ceiling fan has a beautiful vintage style that makes an elegant addition to any indoor or outdoor space. It features oil rubbed bronze metal components which has an almost black, warm luxurious finish. Paired with the teak/dark walnut wooden blades and the unique clear seeded glass light fixture, it adds a classic, elegant flair to the space.

The high-quality blades are reversible so you can choose a lighter or darker wood finish depending on what you prefer. It comes with candelabra style LED light bulbs that are completely dimmable. This is not your typical boring old ceiling fan, but a fan with rich colors and a wholesome style.

High Quality Materials

Honeywell is a trusted manufacturer of ceiling fans who has years of experience creating beautiful and long-lasting fans. All of their fans are made out of top of the line materials and are certified safe and durable. They do not cut corners on quality of construction or materials, producing only high-quality ceiling fans that offer excellent performance for a lifetime.

Quiet Operation

Nobody likes the distracting noise of a rickety old ceiling fan. If you have to talk over the sound of the fan, it is time to replace it. New ceiling fans from Honeywell are super quiet so you won’t have to listen to any obnoxious buzzing noises. You will hardly even notice that the fan is on, because the room will be comfortably ventilated without a sound. Honeywell ceiling fans have almost silent operation.

Indoor and Outdoor

This is a beautiful, vintage inspired ceiling fan that is appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. It can handle moisture well and won’t be damaged by outdoor conditions. This is the perfect vintage looking ceiling fan for patios, garages, and pergolas. It has a rustic appeal that makes it an elegant addition to any outdoor or indoor space.

LED Lighting

This ceiling fan features a built-in light fixtures with dimmable LED light bulbs included with your purchase. The candelabra style light bulbs are set within a clear, seeded glass lens globe which adds an elegant touch to the fan. LED lighting is great because LED lights last for a lot longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy, saving you money in both lightbulbs replacements and energy bills.

Powerful Motor

The motor is super powerful and quiet. You can adjust the speed and the direction of the flow of air. The motor is reversible so you can optimize the ventilation of the space by directing the airflow towards a window, vent, or draft. It has three speeds for your comfort and convenience.

Easy to Install

This is a great fan for medium to large rooms both indoors and outdoors. It is very easy to install and has versatile installation options for different ceiling types. You can install it with the standard downrod, a smaller downrod that sits closer to the ceiling (for low ceilings), or angled for a sloping ceiling.


Finish May Not Match Other “Oil-Rubbed” Home Appliances

The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the metal parts of the fan is meant to have a timeless, vintage flair. Different companies have different definitions of what constitutes “oil-rubbed bronze”. While typically “oil-rubbed bronze” refers to the process of layering “oil” or black colored finish over a bronze base, in some cases, such as with this fan, the black color is the base and the “bronze” highlights are painted over to replicate the appearance of actual oil-rubbed bronze. While both techniques have the same effect--classic, vintage style with warm, dark tones--the ceiling fan may not perfectly match the texture of other “oil-rubbed bronze” appliances in the home if they use the former method.


The Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a beautiful vintage inspired ceiling fan with reversible teak/dark walnut wooden blades and LED lighting. It can be installed in indoor or outdoor spaces and offers powerful ventilation for medium to large sized rooms. The installation options are very versatile. Honeywell only uses top of the line materials in the construction of their ceiling fans. Each fan is carefully engineered for both beauty and long-lasting performance. This beautiful vintage inspired ceiling fan for indoor and outdoor spaces comes with a limited lifetime factory warranty so you can rest-assured that the fan and its parts will come as promised and will function flawlessly for years to come.

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