Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/03/2020

Product Overview

The Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan is a striking eight blade high-capacity ceiling fan for large rooms and buildings. The fan has a bold appearance that stands out, with reversible blades with different finishes to suit your tastes. The oil-rubbed bronze metal components of the fan give the fan a rustic charm.

Built-in with this large ceiling fan is an LED light fixture which is both energy efficient and gives off beautiful light. The lighting is also completely dimmable. It has a 2700k specific light temperature which is cool, clean, and calming. With this fan you can save money on energy and on lighting, all while providing your space with adequate ventilation. This is a stylish ceiling fan that offers powerful ventilation for large rooms.

Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes 62” Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes

  • 8 Blades
  • No. of Speeds: 3
  • Mounting: Flush or Downrod
  • 31 pounds weight


Easy to Install and Use

This fan is easy to install despite its grand size and comes with everything you need including an easy to read instruction manual. Consulting with a professional installer can help ensure that the installation goes smoothly and no parts are damaged. You can control this fan using a remote control. It has multiple speeds as well as a reversible function. It is a super modern, high-tech ceiling fan that is compatible with Google Home and other systems.

It can be installed at a low-profile, flush with the ceiling for a low ceiling situation or where people will be walking beneath. It can also be installed using the 4” downrod included or on a slanted wall with an angle. The angle bracket is sold separately.

Striking Contemporary Large Fan

This fan has a bold appearance with a huge span and eight reversible wooden blades. The metal components have an oil-rubbed bronze finish which is black with bronze accents for a homey, rustic look. It is a great fan for a farmhouse or rustic inspired home, building, or event center. It combines both the modern and timeless, with capabilities far beyond your average ceiling fan.

LED Lighting Integrated

Fully integrated with this large contemporary ceiling fan is LED lighting. LED lighting is better than traditional lighting because it eliminates the hassle of having to constantly replace burnt out lightbulbs and it’s also better for the environment. This light fixture features fully dimmable LED bulbs and a 2700k cool light lens in frosted glass that gives off a relaxing light. Integrating the lighting with the ceiling fan helps you to maximize the space in the room by eliminating the need for additional light fixtures.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer which guarantees that the product will be free of product defects and parts defects for a lifetime. You can rest assured when ordering this luxurious high-tech fan that it will come exactly as promised and offer years of high-performance at an efficient rate.


“Oil Rubbed Bronze” Finishes May Vary

Oil rubbed bronze is a popular finish for home goods and accessories because it has a warm, vintage appeal. The dark color makes a stark contrast against the light fixture for a bold style. The only problem with oil rubbed bronze fixtures is that the actual process and look may vary depending on the brand and product.

Traditional oil-rubbed bronze appliances use the method of applying layers of black finish or “oil” over a bronze base, allowing some of that warm bronze color to show through. However, in some cases, as with this ceiling fan, the base of the finish is black and bronze highlights are painted on to give the illusion of the former process. For this reason, not all oil-rubbed appliances will have exactly the same effect.


The Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan is a remote controlled ceiling fan that is super modern and high-tech with a rustic charm as well. It is a great fan for very large rooms and buildings, as it has a very wide and striking span with eight blades for powerful air circulation. The fan also has a built-in LED light kit which gives off a cool, frosted light.

This fan is easy to install and comes with everything you need. You may want to consult with a professional installer because of the large size of the fan (you don’t want to damage the parts and void the warranty trying to install it yourself), but with the help of a friend and a few basic tools you should be able to install this fan yourself by following the instruction manual. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against parts defects for the life of the fan, so when you order this luxury fan you can rest assured that it will come as promised and deliver a lifetime of excellent performance.

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