Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review

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Honeywell Fresh Breeze HYF048 Tower FanThis tower fan is brought to you by Honeywell, one of the premiere names in home climate control. It’s no wonder then that the Fresh Breeze is one of the top-rated tower fans. This fan has a mid-range price with a lot of essential features and a couple that make it stand out from the crowd.

Product Overview

The first thing to talk about obviously is how much air this fan can move. There are three different speeds, but that’s not all. When you combine them with the different breeze modes, you can truly mix and match and get air circulation that makes you smile.

The two breeze modes operate to change the wind speed of the fan to emulate an outdoor breeze pattern. When combined with the oscillation of the fan, it can create a different sort of cooling effect. The standard breeze mode will alternate between the selected speed and the speed below it. So if you have the fan set at high, the fan will fluctuate randomly between high speeds and medium speeds. If you have it set on low, it will alternate between low and off.

The second breeze pattern throws all the rules out and just randomly changes between high, medium, and low. This setting overrides the speed that you have selected, however.

The fan also has a timer function, so that it will continue to run for a set amount of time before turning off. You can select 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours as the timer length. The included remote control can set all of these functions as well. The remote also has a flashlight that you can use as needed. When not in use, the remote stores behind the controls.

How to Cool Effectively With A Window Fan

Window fans are a great way to cool your home. A window fan can be a great supplement to your existing air circulation plan and can even replace your central AC if you want to save a lot of money. But cooling with a window fan does take some know how to be highly efficient.

● Placement – As a general rule of thumb, in the Northern Hemisphere, you want window fans to blow outward on the south side of your home and blow inward on the north. That’s because the south side is the side that gets the most sun. And you don’t want to blow hot air in.
● Create a Breezeway – You want the air that your fans are moving to have as clear a path as possible. Open up the doors between the two sets of fans so that you’re getting constant circulation between the two. Use tower fans to assist in keeping the air moving.
● Block the Fans – When you install the fans in the window, you should make sure that the parts of the window not covered by the fan are blocked off. This will ensure maximum airflow into or out of your home with little to no back pressure as air tries to escape back the way it came.
● Direction – Window fans should be used to blow air such that you have a flow of air traveling through your house. That means one set of fans will be drawing air in, and the other will be blowing air outward. This will create a channel of air that travels through your home and keeps everything cool.
Be safe – Don’t use this window fan cooling method if you don’t have good solid screens in your window. The lack of screens can cause pollutants, bugs, and wildlife to come in. At worst, it can also be used as a point of entry by a criminal.

You should also never run a window fan during a rain storm. Blowing rain in can cause water damage to your home as well as cause damage to the fan. Water can cause a short circuit and create an electrical fire hazard.

Pros and Cons

This list of pros and cons lets you see the benefits and drawbacks associated with this model of tower fan at a glance. It also lets you do an easy comparison between models without a lot of trouble.


● 3 speeds and 2 breeze modes to choose from
● Five button remote control also includes a flashlight
● Built in ionizer and washable filter element
● 2, 4, or 8 hour timer with automatic shut off
● Oscillation
● 2 selectable heights during assembly. Choose 40 or 32 inches


● Filter element is MERV


This is one of the few oscillating tower fans with a removable and washable filter. The 2 different breeze modes and 3 speeds give you more control over your cooling and noise levels than other tower fans. With the ability to be built to two different heights, this tower fan is a great option for small to medium room cooling.