Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan Review

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Honeywell QuietSet Tower FanWhen you’re shopping for a good fan, you generally only care about two things: Does it move enough air, and does it sound like a jumbo jet when it does. You want the answers to be yes and no respectively. That is something that the best tower fans should be able to do, and this Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan handles those two requirements with ease.

Product Overview

This white fan has five separate settings that determine how loud and how much air it puts out. But even at its highest setting, it is still fairly quiet. The five settings are: Sleep, Calm, White Noise, Refresh, and Power Cool. Now keep in mind that fairly quiet is still subjective, and we did need to turn the volume up on the television a couple of clicks when running the power cool setting, but you don’t really need to keep it that high unless you don’t have any air conditioning at all.

The sleep function on the other hand is whisper quiet and keeps the air moving gently while you sleep. If you’re like us, a heavy breeze tends to make us feel a little congested in the morning, but this setting kept us refreshed and clear when we woke up.

This fan has oscillation, which is nice for making sure that everyone gets a wash of the nice cool air moving and you don’t feel like you have to point the fan right at you to get the full effects. And with a foot print of ten inches square, you can put it nearly anywhere. Just be careful about putting it in the middle of the room if you have pets or kids. It is a tower fan, so it does tumble fairly easily.

There’s a timer on the fan that lets you set it anywhere from 1 to 8 hours for operation until it shuts off. The LED controls at the top of the fan are bright and easy to read. But as a nice feature, when you haven’t made any adjustments, the lights dim after 15 seconds, so you don’t have a night light on in your room.

The unit also has a small remote that lets you turn the fan on and off and set the speeds and oscillations. It’s a basic remote, but it’s nice for when you don’t want to get up.

Types of Fans and What They Do

The tower fan isn’t the only fan in town. And just like you don’t use a hammer as a screwdriver, there are different fans for every occasion. You might wonder what all of the other fans are and what you should use them for. Here’s a short list:

● Ceiling Fans – You know these five or four or even three bladed fans. They hang from the ceiling and blow air. You should look for a fan with a reversible direction. That’s so you can have it rotate clockwise in the winter and counter clockwise in the summer.
● Pedestal Fans – These fans are often used interchangeably with tower fans, but they really do serve a different function. One, they don’t have the same aesthetic as a tower fan and look much more industrial. However, they are much more powerful than your traditional tower fan. Other than that, they will oscillate like a tower fan, but they do take up a little more floor space.
● Window Fans – These fans are meant to rest in a window much like a window air conditioning unit and blow hot air outside during the day or draw cool air inside at night. While these aren’t as powerful as the other options, they do offer a handy way to get relief if you don’t have an air conditioner.
Table Fans – When you need something for personal use, these small units are there for you. Whether it’s for when you’re cooking or when you’re in your office with full southern exposure, they provide air flow for one or for small rooms. They’re a great option when you need something just for you.

Pros and Cons

This tower fan is a great looking model that brings a lot to the table. To help you make a selection, we have all of the pros and cons listed so you can take them all in at one glance.


● Extremely quiet operation
● Remote Control
● Up to 8 hour shut off timer
● 5 separate speeds and sounds
● Full range of oscillation
● Unique look and aesthetics


● Fan is made of cheaper plastic


This Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan has a unique aesthetic that many buyers will enjoy. Whether you find it charming or tacky will largely determine whether or not this fan is for you. The large number of features that it has makes it an excellent value for the mid-tier price point and is an excellent choice for the discerning shopper.