Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater Review

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Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater ReviewThis Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater is a great mid-range option for someone who needs a space heater with a lot of options but doesn’t want to pay a high price. As a 1500 watt heater with two settings and an automatic regulating ECO setting, this is a great energy efficient space heater for a large room.

Product Overview

Some of the key features in this space heater include a 7 hour timer and a thermostat that ranges from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can run this space heater on high, which uses 1500 watts, or low, which will pull 750 watts by using the MAX setting for the thermostat. This essentially lets you blast heat until you shut it off.

The controls are all on the top of the unit and easily readable with the LED indicators that let you know how you have it set. You control every function from there, including the oscillation function. The heater is easily moved and weighs only 8 pounds and requires a footprint of only 7.4 inches by 8.7 inches. It is also under 2 feet tall, measuring only 23.5 inches.

As far as safety features go, this unit is ETL certified and has the two safety features that you really want in a tower space heater. The first is the ability to shut itself off if it gets tipped over. Because it is a tower heater, you can definitely accidentally knock it over. The other safety feature is the overheat protection which turns the unit off if it has been running too long and gets too hot.

How Much Does This Space Heater Save?

The true measure of any space heater is when you start to look at how much it can save you on heating your home. As long as you use the space heater in conjunction with lowering your home’s thermostat to an eco-saving level (such as 60 degrees or so), then you can save a bundle.

Consider that your typical heat pump uses about 15,000 watts to run, while this space heater only uses a tenth of that. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however.

When you run your heat pump, you aren’t just heating the room you’re in; you’re heating every room in your home, including the ones that are only used by the cats. So, you’re wasting money that way as well. So here are some real world comparisons.

Unit Being Run Heat Pump Space Heater

Wattage Used 15,000 1500
Hours Run 4 per day, 28 per week 4 per day, 28 per week
Cost per day @ $0.1327 per kWh
$7.96 $0.80
Cost per week $55.73 $5.57

As you can see, in a week, you can save about fifty dollars. Over a winter season of 12 weeks, that could be 600 dollars you’re saving or more.

Saving Even More

If you want to save even more money, then the key is to minimize the amount of time you need to run your heater and heat pump. Remember that you’re still going to run your heat pump to maintain the lower temperature. So how do you do this? You improve your home’s ability to maintain heat.

Before you run out and buy a few batts of insulation, you should get your house a thermal checkup. You get a contractor to come out with a thermal camera and they will take pictures of the outside of your house and of every room. This thermal image will show you where you are leaking heat and where the cold spots in your rooms are.

Once you have identified where your problem areas are, you can address them accordingly. Leaking heat through your door? Get a solid core door and improve your weather stripping. If you find that your attic is a source of heat loss, replace or add additional insulation and make sure your attic access door is insulated as well.

Finding your home’s thermal weak points prevents you from wasting money on areas that have little impact and instead focuses your efforts on places that will make a huge dent in your energy usage.

Pros and Cons

This is a list of the pros and cons associated with this Lasko space heater so you can determine whether or not it’s a good fit for your home.


● Ceramic core and forced air convection heat
● Oscillation for even distribution of heat
● 1500 watts of heating power
● Remote control
● 7 hour timer


● No fan only option
● Using a convection heater may require the use of a humidifier


This is a great mid-level space heater with a bevy of options that you usually find on more expensive models. While there are some compromises, all in all, Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater is a great option for someone who wants a great space heater at a reasonable price.