Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan Review

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Lasko 4930 Oscillating Tower FanWhen it comes to tower fans, sometimes you have to make a trade off. If you want a fan that moves the most air, you have to admit you aren’t going to get the best quiet tower fan available. Likewise, if you want whisper quiet operation, you might not get the air movement of louder units. This Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan definitely falls into the category of the former loud but efficient models.

Product Overview

This fan is made to move air and not to let you sleep. Various users have described this fan as being akin to sitting next to an airport as you set it at its highest speeds. However, if you don’t care about the noise level and you want the air for your shop or your home gym, this unit will serve nicely.

It has a four button wireless remote control that lets you control all of the operations from a distance. However, the control panel at the top of the fan is easy to use and intuitive to understand. There’s a 4 hour timer available, letting you set the time that you want this fan to run.

This tower fan has a unique safety feature that is very nice. It comes with a fused plug. That is, the plug into the wall has a fuse that will blow and cut off electrical current if it detects a hazardous electrical fault. That means you can use this fan in damp situations where you should have a GFCI, but don’t.

This fan isn’t the smallest fan. It has a 12 inch by 8.75 inch footprint and is 35 inches tall. However, that’s still less than one square foot, so you should have no problem fitting this fan wherever you need it.

Tower Fans and You

Fans are a great supplement to keep the air circulating in your home, but there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to a fan’s limitations. They may seem obvious after we go over them, but a lot of buyers overlook them when they first start looking.

First, tower fans, like every other fan, don’t generally have a filtration device. That means that as great as they are in moving the air around they aren’t going to be removing any dust or other allergens from the air. For that reason, you should have some sort of filtration system in place. You can use a home air purifier, or set your heating system to a fan only mode.

Most HVAC systems have in-line filters that use a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. They run from MERV 1, which is like the rough plastic filters in window AC units, all the way up to a MERV 20 unit that is used for biological clean rooms and can remove particles as small as 10 to 20 picometers in size. (A picometer is one trillionth of a meter, or about on tenth the size of a water molecule).

To ensure allergens are properly filtered from the air, make sure that your filters are cleaned or changed on a regular basis in addition to operating your fans.

Secondly, fans are not humidifiers. They do allow more moisture to be picked up by the air by virtue of evaporation. But if you need a humidifier, a fan can actually make you feel drier, as the moving air will leech moisture from your mouth and other mucus membranes. A fan can help distribute moisture, but it won’t add to it in any significant manner.

Fans are a great way to get the air moving in your house and have a lot of different health benefits. They help get the allergens moving to your filters, and through the evaporative method, can help cool you down significantly.

They are also good for increasing the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning by getting the air evenly distributed. It’s just important that you understand the things a fan won’t do so you can properly adjust for it.

Pros and Cons

This is a great mid-tier fan that has a lot of great features. Here they are all listed so you can see them in one glance to make comparison with other models easier.


● Adjustable louvers allow you to direct air up or down as well as from side to side
● Oscillation provides full area sweep
● Extremely powerful motor and resulting air velocity
● 4 hour timer
● Wireless remote control
● Three fan speed settings


● Fairly loud compared to other fans in this price point
● No filter


This Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan is powerful, there’s no doubt about that. When you need something that will push a lot of air, such as for a large shop or your home gym, this is a great option. With the timer and oscillation, you can put it in the corner and set it and forget it.