Lava Heat Italia 2G Patio Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

There’s nothing that ruins an evening at the pool like cool weather. However, with a good patio heater, the party doesn’t ever have to stop. Patio heaters Like the Lava Heat Italia 2G run off of propane and kick out an insane amount of heat. That they also look amazing and add a fashionable aesthetic is just a bonus.

When looking at patio heaters, some things should be non-negotiable to any savvy shopper.

First, because the heater is going to become a natural congregation point as the sun goes down and the temperature drops, they have to look good. Secondly, they have to produce heat, or there’s no sense in getting one. And lastly, they have to be safe. Automatic shutoff in case someone knocks it over is a must.

Lava Heat Italia 2G Patio Heater

Lava Heat Italia

  • Coverage Area: Approximately 36 sq. ft.
  • Consumption Rate: Up to 14 hours with Propane Tank (LP)
  • Solid Steel, Aluminum, & 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Safety Features: Tilt Switch Auto-Shutoff

Product Overview

The Lava Heat Italia 2G is an amazing looking pyramid heater that is made by one of the most respected manufacturers in the business. The solid steel, aluminum, and stainless steel construction and Heritage Bronze finish mean that not only will this heater last, it will also look amazing.

The flame tube produces an amazing light show through the single-piece glass tube, while the protective mesh guards prevent accidental contact burns. And should it accidentally get tipped over, the automatic shut off will ensure that there’s no propane leak.

This heater towers at 8-feet tall, but has a remarkably small footprint. If you have a 2’ x 2’ space, you can easily fit this beautiful heater. The necessary propane tank stores neatly away in the base and also provides a handy counterweight to add to this heater’s stability.

This heater isn’t just pretty, it also packs a wallop, kicking out an amazing 66,000 BTUs that reaches out about 6-feet in normal weather conditions. Of course, if it's windy, you're going to lose some range on one side as the heat is blown downwind.

Here is some specific information as provided by the manufacturer.

● Constructed of solid steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
● Operates up to 14 hours on one tank of propane.
● Has a thermal output of 66,000 BTUs with heat coverage of approximately 36 square feet.
● Patio Heater base measures 24” x 24”
● Patio Heater is 91” tall
● A single-piece flame tube provides an unimpeded view of flames.
● Automatic shutoff safety feature in the event of tilt or knock over.

Safety Information

When you’re operating a heater, especially one that uses propane, there are safety issues that you should be aware of. Be sure to maintain proper clearance around the heater at all times. With the thermal output of this heater, you want at least 4’ top clearance and 3’ on all sides to avoid damage and sudden combustion of flammables.

Other pertinent safety tips include the following:

● When storing the heater, ensure it remains upright.
● After operation, close the regulator valve and tank valve firmly.
● When storing the heater for the off-season, disconnect the propane tank completely.
● Never use the patio heater in enclosed spaces to avoid carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide buildup.
● Never hang clothing or other flammables on the heater.
● Never get the glass flame tube wet. Do not operate the heater during inclement weather.
● Always ensure that the heater is on sturdy level ground before operating.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

One of the key responsibilities of owning a patio heater is performing maintenance on it. Taking 15 minutes a month to clean and inspect is time well invested. Additionally, taking an hour to check it over before you use it for the first time in a season will save you a lot of potential headaches later.

One of the first things you should do when you get it out of storage is to inspect the hoses and fittings for leaks. This is an easy process that only involves a little soapy water. Mix 1 teaspoon of dish detergent with a quart of warm water. Stir it until the soap is dissolved. Use a paintbrush to brush soapy liquid around the fittings and along the hose.

Next, open the valve on the propane tank and the regulator, but do not turn the heater on. If there are any leaks, you will see soap bubbles form. If there are leaks, turn off the propane tank and disconnect it immediately. Replace the hose and fittings before operating the patio heater.

Cleaning the Heater

When cleaning the heater, never use harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water is the best thing to use to clean the exterior. The reason you don't want to use chemicals is that there can be a residue left behind. When heated, that residue can emit noxious fumes.

Additionally, when cleaning the heater, don’t ever get the control assembly or the ignitor assembly wet. If you do, you may end up having to replace them.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used the heater, inspect the entire thing for spider webs, spiders, and signs of any nesting rodents. The propane tank storage area is a virtual condominium for insects and small rodents. Make sure to clean out any debris or cobwebs. A microfiber cleaning cloth like a Swiffer is an ideal tool for the job.

While you may be a live and let live person when it comes to spiders if they nest and block the propane lines, that can cause problems. At the very least, you’ll have sputtering and popping as the propane can’t make it through the partially clogged lines. At the very worst, you’ll have a completely clogged line, which can cause a fitting to leak as pressure builds up.

Pros and Cons of this Model

Deciding what make and model patio heater to purchase is an extremely personal decision. After all, to some, it's just a heater; but to others, it's a reflection of their tastes and personality. Looking at a shortlist of pros and cons can often help you make up your mind. After all, you want the best outdoor patio heater for you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that these are based on customer reviews and manufacturer feedback.

When looking at the pros and cons of this patio heater, you should consider how you’re going to be using it, and how each good and bad point will affect your user experience.


● Solid construction means that this patio heater will last many seasons.
● Heritage Bronze finish coordinates with numerous décor options.
● It can run for up to 14 hours on a single propane tank.
● The flame in the single-construction glass tube is amazing to watch.
● The remote control is exceptionally handy.
● 66,000 BTUs means that guests in the heating zone are going to be nice and toasty.


● The wheel assembly is an accessory, so unless you pay a little extra, moving it around is a hassle.
● Remote is IR, which requires line of sight to the control unit.
● Heat reaches out only about 6-feet.


There's no doubt that the Lava Heat Italia 2G Patio Heater is an amazing choice for any discerning homeowner. With proper care and maintenance, this heater will last years with even everyday use. And the thermal output is amazing, keeping guests warm and cozy while they chat. The long-life off of one propane tank will keep them around until the sun comes up the next day. If you're after a high-quality patio heater, this makes an excellent choice.

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