Mr. Heater Big Maxx MHU50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

The Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural Gas Heater is a 50,000 BTU high-efficiency natural gas garage heater that can heat up to 1,250 square feet quickly. It has been labeled as one of the best, and for good reason. This heater is full of features that will be sure to make it rise to the top of your list.

About the Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural Gas Unit Heater

The Mr. Heater Big Maxx has a lot of power. When trying to heat a large area, like a garage or a barn, you need the type of heating capacity this unit can provide. Running at a high 50,000 BTUs means this heater can heat up to 1,250 square feet quickly. This is especially helpful in the dead of winter when you have a lot of work to do.

Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater

Mr. Heater Big Maxx MHU50NG

  • 50,000 BTU per hour
  • Heats up to 1250 sq. ft.
  • For use with natural gas
  • Limited 3 year warranty

This heater was designed with a low profile in mind. The included brackets allow you to install it just one inch from the ceiling keeping it up and out of the way. It runs off natural gas, although it also comes with a kit to switch it over to propane. Quality safety features will make you feel confident in using this heater.

This unit is both quiet and reliable. It comes with a remote for easy use. There is a 3-year warranty on all parts and burners, along with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchange. Mr. Heater wants to make sure their customers are satisfied, which is part of why they are an industry leader.

How to Use

This heater comes with everything you need to install it in your garage. Make sure that you follow the directions in the manual exactly. This will ensure you are using the unit safely and to its maximum potential. The thermostat is old separately.

Once the heater is installed, all you need to do is set the thermostat and let it run. Make sure you maintain it properly for optimal heating results. This unit can be used in garages, barns, workshops, and other large areas.


The Mr. Heater Big Maxx is a gas-powered garage heater. This means that you need to follow all the same safety protocols that you would for any gas-powered appliance. Keep open flames and sparks away from the unit. Make sure it is installed correctly, and that the vents are always in good working order. Regularly check that the vent and gas lines are secure and in good repair.

The Big Maxx is powerful and runs cleanly, but it is always a good idea to keep a carbon monoxide detector in the same room as any gas-powered heating source. This will allow you to stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. If correctly installed, the Big Maxx heater will vent all the dangerous air out of your area. If you do not install it correctly you are putting yourself at risk. If you feel faint, get a headache, or feel nauseous, please seek medical treatment.

As with any product, there are pros and cons to the Mr. Heater Big Maxx. Let’s go over some now.

Pros and Cons


● This unit uses natural gas, which makes it efficient and affordable.
● The Big Maxx is powerful, heating up to 1,250 square feet.
● The low profile keeps it up and out of the way.
● You can set the vent to horizontal, or vertical, giving you more options on placement.
● The warranty lets you feel confident that you are getting the most for your money.
● This unit can be converted to use propane.
● Easy access to thermostat terminals.
● Easy to install and comes with all the parts.
● Mr. Heater is known as a company you can trust.


● It does not come with the thermostat.
● This does not come with a carbon monoxide monitor equipped.


The Mr. Heater Big Maxx MHU50NG Heater is a high-efficiency natural gas garage heater brought to you by an industry leader. It is powerful and versatile, able to be used in garages, barns, and other large workspaces where you may need a heating unit. The low profile keeps it up and out of the way while it works quietly and efficiently.

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