Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR Contractor Forced-Air Kerosene Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

When summer comes, people tend to forget the harshness of the winter and cold. Although it doesn’t seem reasonable to many to worry about the heat going out, the cold can be a terrible enemy to many, especially people who live in rural regions. Almost everyone, especially in the United States, relies upon some form of internal HVAC system to keep themselves at a comfortable temperature.

But what happens when disaster strikes, or it simply isn’t strong enough to keep the chill at bay?

Portable kerosene heaters are rapidly becoming popular because they provide a quick, easy, and powerful source of heat while also reducing energy bills. They use kerosene — a flammable liquid that generates a lot of heat and has the power to keep an entire home comfortable with just a gallon or two of fuel.

It can be difficult to find the best kerosene heater for indoor use, especially in large areas. The Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR Contractor Forced-Air Kerosene Heater, however, might just be the product many are searching for.

Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR Contractor 210,000-BTU Forced-Air Kerosene Heater

Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR Kerosene Heater

  • 210,000-BTU 
  • 14-gallon fuel tank
  • Covers up to 5,250 square feet
  • 1-year limited warranty

Product Overview

The Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR is perhaps one of the most powerful models currently on the market and relies upon the forced air system. This is when air is taken into the machine, heated by the energy from the kerosene, and then blasted throughout an area. This device has enough power to thoroughly heat a space measuring 5,250 square feet, making it ideal for garages, warehouses, and large homes. It should NOT be used in confined spaces due to its power.

Each one of these products measures 18.1 x 40.1 x 22 inches and weighs around 68.6 pounds. Unlike smaller models, the Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR is actually simple to move because it has strong pneumatic wheels and a convenient handle for pushing and pulling. The fuel tank can hold up to 14 gallons of clean kerosene and supplies 8 hours of total power when used on full blast.

Significant Features

Unlike simpler kerosene heaters, there are several significant supplemental features packed into the Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR. It has dynamic temperature control to allow people to choose how much kerosene is being used and the overall temperature of an area. It can be adjusted using a simple knob that is easy to read. The fan is high output and has an automatic shutoff system to prevent overheating, which reduces the risk of fire or internal damage. The device also produces no flame, once again reducing the risk of a conflagration in the home.

Because of its size, the Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR needs to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet to function properly. It can work with generators and is often used by workers to heat warehouses and the outdoor buildings of farms. There is convenient cord storage so wires are constantly hanging out and forming a tripping hazard. A power indicator light shows when the heater is on, and there is a manual switch to turn off the machine.

Like many kerosene heaters, the Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR has a matchless start. This means users don’t need to mess around with matches and expose themselves to the risk of having open flames near kerosene. The product additionally comes with a limited 1-year warranty, which covers most basic wear and tear as well as manufacturer error during construction. Customer service is surprisingly easy to contact, so it should be easy to get assistance with any problems.

This device is large enough to work outdoors and is great as a kerosene garage heater, making it a popular choice for mechanics, farmers, and construction workers. The controls are large enough to be glove friendly, so users don’t have to worry about chilly fingers on a cold day.

Pros and Cons


● This is a large heater and can thus work in a massive area of up to 5,250 square feet
● Each product includes a warranty to cover regular damage and wear and tear
● Customer service is easy to get in touch with to use the included warranty
● There are numerous safety features in the design, making this kerosene heater safe to use in multiple environments


● The limited warranty is only for a single year rather than the industry standard of two
● The heater is not very fuel efficient because of its size and purpose


The Mr. Heater F270385 MH210KTR is a great option for someone who either possesses a large home or often works in wide, open spaces — indoors and out. It produces tons of heat to cover a surprisingly massive area and can be easily transported between locations. For these reasons, it would serve a construction team or similar workforce well and is an excellent way to beat the cold. It earns an overall rating of “A-” from us.

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