Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy Grey Indoor-Safe Portable Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

There are hundreds of space heaters out there, but sometimes you require more than your everyday basic space heater. If you are at a point where you have tried several space heaters with no real success due to lack of power, you might want to try out a propane heater. There are many propane heaters on the market, but one of the most popular and reputable brands is Mr. Heater.

One of the options that Mr. Heater has to offer is this Big Buddy heater, which is a bigger version of their very popular Buddy heater. We’re going to cover what makes the Big Buddy heater stand above the rest and why you might consider it a camping essential in the near future.

Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy Portable RV Heater

Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy

  • 4, 000- to 18, 000-BTU radiant heater
  • Auto shut-off if tipped over
  • Covers up to 450 sq. ft.
  • 16.66 pounds weight

Heating Power

This is going to be one of the most important factors in any portable heating decision. The Big Buddy by Mr. Heater offers decent power output with a range of 4,000–18,000 BTU. The important thing to remember here is that it is meant to give radiant heat, not necessarily concentrate heat on one particular area with intensity.

In this capacity, the Big Buddy serves a great purpose. It is ideal for heating spaces up to 300 square feet and could also easily be used for a tent heater for camping. It can be used for either indoor or outdoor use, and in a unique twist, it burns very clean, preserving your conscience when it comes to environmentally-friendly portable heating solutions. While the heat output isn’t exactly world-class, it is sufficient and provides a high degree of efficiency, as well.

Heat Adjustability

To go along with the adequate heat output, there are also 3options for heat levels. Some space warmers don’t have this flexibility and force you to be comfortable with whichever heat setting it is programmed at. With this space heater, you can customize your heating experience and adjust the heat to something that you know you’ll be comfortable with.

There are 3 heat levels: low, medium, and high. They each correspond with a different BTU power output.


One of the most important things that you can ask for in a space heater is for it to be portable and easy to carry around from place to place. This is one of the main applications for space heaters, so it’s important that they are compact, safe to transport, and provide some sort of carrying mechanism. For people who are going to use it as a tent heater for camping, it’s especially important that you can easily put it in your care and use it safely at the camp site.

For this space heater, that comes in the form of a compact, slick body with a robust carrying handle on the top. The Big Buddy is the ideal size to fit in your trunk, tent, back seat, or other travel area where it will be safely out of the way of other luggage. In addition, it weighs 7 pounds and measures 19 inches on the longest size. It is not the most compact space heater out there, but it’s small enough to easily fit in your car or wherever else you need it to go.

Safety Features

Safety features are another vital factor. Space heaters don’t have the best reputation for safety in recent years, but this is largely due to people misusing them or neglecting to get space heaters with safety functions. Good quality space heaters that come with safety functions might represent a larger investment up front, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

The Big Buddy heater has a number of safety features that you’ll find attractive, especially for the value that the heater provides. First, it has an auto shut-off feature that kicks in whenever the heater is tipped over. With all the action going down at a campsite, it is easy for someone to accidentally knock one of these over without knowing it and cause a fire hazard. With the auto shut-off feature, this isn’t a concern. The auto shut-off feature will also kick in if the pilot light goes out or if low oxygen levels are detected.

You can truly operate this Big Buddy heater with complete peace of mind.

Pros and Cons


● Large design for wide reach
● Comes in two different colors
● Three power options
● Can heat a room up to 300 square feet
● Burns very cleanly
● Safety features


● Lower power output than other machines


If you are looking for a large space heater for a significant space or a large tent, this is a great option for you. It has 3 power levels, extensive safety features, and is made from a reputable company with durable materials. It is very portable and has a robust carrying handle and comes in 2 colors to fit your personal style. If you try this heater out, we are confident that it will turn into your go-to camping heater in no time.

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