Mulandd Ceramic Space Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

This Mulandd small ceramic space heater has such a tiny footprint that you sometimes forget it is there. It’s under 6-inches by 6-inches and just a hair over 10-inches tall, but it puts out a generous amount of heat. This space heater isn’t going to warm up your giant living room, but as a personal space heater to keep you warm while you’re playing on your tablet or reading in your favorite chair, this heater is aces.

Mulandd Small Ceramic Space Heater

Mulandd Ceramic Space Heater

  • High-efficiency electric heater 
  • Better heat dissipation and low noise
  • Multiple safety protection
  • 2.4 pounds weight

Product Overview

It’s also one of the safest space heaters because of the two safety features built in. First, if the unit tips over because of an errant foot or a curious cat, the heater will turn off automatically. Second, if you happen to be less than mindful and block the air inlet, as the unit gets hotter, it will automatically shut off well before it reaches the danger point.

One thing that surprised us is that this heater has a small 45-degree oscillation built in. You usually don’t see oscillation at this price point, and it is a nice feature that goes hand in hand with the ceramic radiant heat to keep all of you warm, not just the small slice that’s in front of the opening.

This heater is also very quiet. You can have it running while you watch television or watch a movie and you won’t mind. It’s not much louder than a soft whisper, and it isn’t distracting at all.

The heater has three modes of operation. High heat will use 1500 watts of power, while low will use 750 watts. Additionally, a fan only mode uses a scant 10-watts to help keep the air moving around.

Six Safety Rules with Safety Heaters

Space heaters caused over 1000 injuries last year, and nearly all of them were preventable. When you use a space heater, you should be following these six safety rules to keep you, your loved ones, and your pets safe.

Get Smoke Alarms – you should have a working smoke alarm on every level of your house and one outside of every sleeping area. Test them monthly to ensure that they are working properly.
● No Extenstions! – Never ever use an extension cord or a power strip with a space heater. Always plug the space heater directly into the wall.
Watch It – Don’t run a space heater when you aren’t there to watch it. That includes if you leave the house or if you fall asleep. If you think you might fall asleep, get a space heater with a timer
Watch the Traffic – Don’t place a space heater in a high traffic area. Even though the shells of space heaters are made of ABS plastic that doesn’t get hot, the fronts of the space heater can still cause serious burns
Level It Out – When you place your space heater, make sure it’s on solid level ground. Additionally, don’t put a space heater on blankets or set it on a couch.
● Three Feet – As a general rule, keep a space heater three feet away from everything. Drapes, cushions, stuffed animals, and clothing should all be at least three feet away from all sides of the space heater. For smaller personal units, you can get away with using a one foot rule of thumb.

Pros and Cons

Here is a short list of the pros and cons of this space heater so you can get an idea of the primary reasons you should get it and why you might look at another space heater.


● 45-degree oscillation built in
● Fast heat generated by a ceramic radiant heat design
● Small footprint that barely takes up any space
● Extremely quiet – rated at under 50 decibels
● Small handle recess to make it easy to carry around


● Personal space heater not suitable for heating large spaces


Mulandd small ceramic space heater is a personal space heater designed to warm one person, or perhaps two people in close proximity. As long as you understand those limitations, you’ll be happy with this space heater. It’s a great value, with a lot of heat generation and an unexpected oscillation feature that you rarely find at this price point. If you want something to keep you warm at work or while you’re knitting, this is a great heater.

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