Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat Review

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Nest T3007ES 3rd Generation Learning ThermostatThe Nest 3rd Generation Smart thermostat is more than just smart. It actually learns and adjusts to your schedule as you use it. That alone makes it a terrific investment. But aside from that, the Nest is an amazing thermostat that looks good in pretty much any décor.

Product Overview

The Nest thermostat was professionally designed by Fred Bould, the same guy who designed the Roku Box. The clean lines and simple aesthetic of the Nest makes it something you’re proud to show people. It comes in seven different finishes: Black, White, Silver, Copper, Mirror Black, Brass, and Polished Steel.

The touch screen on the Nest combines with the outside wheel to make a unique interface that is really fun to use. You press the screen like a mouse button while spinning the outside to make different selections. It’s an interface that is both intuitive and simple.

One neat feature about the Nest is that it has a proximity detector that knows when you’re around. As you get closer, the screen will change its display to increase the amount of information you see. For example, when you are far away, it may just show you the outside temperature and a simple icon for the weather. As you get closer, the temperature gets smaller and you see a more detailed weather forecast.

Installing the Nest is fairly easy and can be done by someone who has installed a thermostat before. If it’s your first time, you might want to get a professional installation done.

The Nest is compatible with Google Assistant, but no longer works with IFTTT. It does work well with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Hubitat, however.

What Do You Mean, It Learns?

When you initially get the Nest, you can set a program if you like. Or you can just change the temperature when you want to. You turn the temperature up (during summer) when you leave or go to bed. You turn it back down when you get home. As you continue to do this, the Nest recognizes what your preferences are and starts to do them automatically.
So, you could wake up one morning and find that the room is already at a pleasant temperature. Or that when you get home, you don’t have to wait for the temperature to catch up to how you like it. And because the Nest has a proximity sensor, it can tie your temperature preferences in to whether or not someone is home.

Here is how the changes you make affect how the Nest reacts:

How You Change Temperature Settings How Nest Learns From That

Two Weekdays in a Row (Thursday and Friday) All weekdays change (Monday through Friday)

Same Day Two Weeks in a Row That day changes every week
Two Weekend Days in a Row All weekend days change (Saturday and Sunday)

Two days in a row that include a weekday and a weekend (Sunday and Monday) All seven days change (Sunday through Monday)

How Else Can it Save Money?

The Nest’s learning function pretty much guarantees that you’re going to see an immediate impact on your heating and cooling bills as long as you use it. But there’s an additional feature that helps you save even more money.

There is a Home/Away function that works very much like geofencing. The Nest uses its proximity detector to check if someone is home. If the Nest hasn’t detected anyone in a while, it will automatically go into the Away mode, so you aren’t paying to heat or cool an empty home. It also learns how your specific home heats and cools, so that it can run more efficiently.

The Nest also has the eco-Leaf that shows up when you choose a temperature that will help save you money. As an example, when you set the temperature for the AC at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or more, you’ll see the leaf. Likewise if you set the heating temperature for 62 degrees Fahrenheit or less. By using the Nest’s suggestions, it can guide you into habits that will keep even more money in your bank.


● Great Looking Device
● Extremely Easy to Use
● Learns from your Preferences to create a schedule tailored to you
● Can save you up to 27% on your heating and cooling just by using it normally


● Change from Works With Nest to Works With Google Assistant has left some smart device compatibility up in the air


If you want the full deal with all of the bells and whistles, then the Nest Learning Thermostat is the one you want. With the ability to learn what your preferences are and when they are, you can tailor a schedule that is truly personalized. Additionally, the aesthetics and app design are both top notch. If you want to see something else that might work in your home, we have more reviews about smart thermostats here.