Ozeri Ultra 42-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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Ozeri Ultra 42-inch Oscillating Tower FanWhen shopping for a fan to cool off your home, there are different tiers and price points that you can find. When you want something that you know is a premium purchase, you look for the top tier, and this Ozeri Oscillating tower fan fits that bill. This oscillating tower fan review will cover what makes this fan so unique.

Product Overview

This fan has a bevy of options that combine to make this a fan that stands apart. First, the control methods are different. There are three ways that you can control this fan. The first is by the push buttons underneath the plexi lid on top of the unit. The display is just below that with a full color LED display that not only shows you the speed and mode of the fan, it also gives you the ambient temperature.

The second way of controlling this fan is via the included full function remote control. The remote lets you access and control all aspects of the fan. The final method of control is via an app that you can download onto your smart device. The app is available on the iOS store and the Google Play store. The app connects to the fan via Bluetooth.

There is also full 90 degree oscillation as well as a 12 hour timer that lets you automatically shut off the fan when the timer winds down.

The fan has three speeds and three different airflow patterns that are designed to be quiet and generate maximum air flow. The fan is quiet during normal operation and is designed to be used all year.

Cooling Fans and You

When it comes to cooling fans, there are several different options that you can use. In general, all fans are designed to move air, but what’s different is the form factor and the amount of space they take up. Here are four different types of fans that you may see.

● Table Fans – These types of fans are used for personal cooling and relief. They are meant to be small and compact and don’t have a lot of power and don’t move a lot of air. You might be able to use one for an infant’s room to keep the air moving, but it’s not going to provide much relief to anyone else.
● Window Fans – When you don’t have central air conditioning, this type of fan is meant to be used instead of a window air conditioner. The fans can blow in either direction. During the day, they are meant to blow hot air outward, keeping the interior cool. At night, they draw cold air in. One trick that people use with these is to hang a damp cloth on the inside at night. This increases the humidity of the air and enhances the cooling effect.
● Ceiling Fans – These types of fans are hung from ceilings. They come in many different form factors. Some hang from long rods, and others are installed flush to the ceiling. The way they are mounted generally depends on the height of the ceiling. These fans should be able to spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise. That’s so you can change the direction of air flow in the summer and the winter. During summer, you want air pushed down so that the center of the room benefits from the column of moving air. In the winter, you want that column of air moving upward and driving the warm air up high down along the walls.
● Box Fans – These are the inexpensive fans that you see on sale for cheap at big box stores. These are designed to move a lot of air. However, they take up a large section of floor, don’t oscillate, and aren’t designed to be long-lasting. However, they can take the place of a window fan and can be used to help dry a damp environment very quickly.

Pros and Cons

This list of features and drawbacks is designed to let you see what the primary features are and what drawbacks there are if any. That means you can do a side by side comparison quite easily, so you can find the best tower fan for your lifestyle.


● 3 airflow patterns with 3 speed settings
● 90 degree oscillation
● 12 hour automatic shut off timer adjustable to 1 hour increments
● Fully functional remote or use an iOS or Android app for full control
● Display screen shows full controls as well as room temperature


● Bluetooth and app functionality duplicate remote
● No filtration system


This Ozeri Oscillating tower fan offers plenty of options for the discerning buyer. With the ability to control your fan from the base, the remote, or your smart device, you will always have full control over your cooling. For gadget lovers and those who love the exciting things that technology can do, this is a great option for cooling a mid-size room or bedroom.