Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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Pelonis Oscillating Tower FanKeeping the air circulating through your home has many health benefits and can just make you feel better as well. But there are a lot of options for air circulation. How can you be sure you’re getting the right fan for your money? This Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan has a lot of features that are often found in the best tower fans available.

Product Overview

One of the key features of this tower fan is the three speed selection. Each speed has a different use. On high mode, you’re going to get a large volume of air moved quickly. This is going to translate to a strong breeze, which will help cool you down. Sleep mode is a low powered mode that is very quiet and just keeps the air moving gently. Natural wind mode will automatically vary the strength of the breeze, making you feel like you’re outside and enjoying the breeze as it blows across the hills.

This tower fan also features oscillation that moves the air back and forth laterally so that the air movement covers a larger area. For this fan, the range is 60 degrees of back and forth movement. The fan itself is nearly 3 feet tall, which gives a large vertical swathe of air movement as well. For placement, its footprint is very small, coming in at just under six inches by six inches. That will make it easy to put this in the corner for maximum air movement.

This also comes with two ways of controlling the operation of the fan. You can either set everything from the fan itself. The controls are located at the top of the unit and have bright LEDs and responsive buttons. Or you can use the included remote control. The remote has a range of about 15 feet and works from the front of the unit.

How Air Circulation Helps Your Health

Sure, air circulation feels good as the air moves over your skin, cooling you down, or warming you up, depending on how you use it. But aside from the purely physical and mental enjoyment, does running a fan have any actual health benefits? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Here are a few ways that keeping the air moving can help you:

Breathe Easier – One of the things that keeps us miserable is not being able to breathe clearly. One of the primary causes of respiratory distress is allergens in the air that settle and irritate you when they are disturbed. Keeping the air in motion keeps allergens moving so that they can be filtered out by your HVAC system.
● Reduces Condensation – When air is still, moisture has a chance to form on surfaces. And when that happens, mold or mildew can start to take hold. Keeping the air moving keeps the damp out. That’s because the moving air can pick up more moisture than still air will.
Chill out – Moving air causes you to feel cooler, because it can pick up moisture and heat from your skin. This is known as the windchill factor, something you’ve probably heard newscasters and weather people talk about.
Keeps Warm Air moving – When you turn on a heater, the warm air really wants to do two things. It wants to dissipate and spread the warmth out over the entire room and it wants to rise. Air circulation helps force that warm air down from the ceiling so that you can feel the heat instead of the spiders up there. That not only keeps you warm, it also keeps your heating system from working overtime to make up for that heat loss.
● Keeps smells down – A good air filter on your HVAC system can help remove odors from the air. But if the air doesn’t get to the filters, they can’t do their job. So keep the air moving so that you don’t have to smell your dog’s body odor hanging in the air.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of different types of fans on the market, and knowing which one is best for you can be difficult. That’s why we make a list of pros and cons so you can see all the benefits and drawbacks in a glance for easy comparison.


● 3-speeds and 3 modes of operation
● Remote control
● 60 degrees of oscillation
● 7 hour time for worry free operation


● Tower model without weighted base may be easily tipped over


When you’re shopping for a fan, there are a lot of different models and designs. As a tower fan, this Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan won’t take up a lot of floor space so you can get all the benefits of air circulation while sticking it in the corner of your room. It is lightweight and easily portable, so moving it from room to room is also easy. As a mid-tier fan with a lot of options, this is a great purchase idea for any homeowner.