PIONEER Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Most people have at some point wished to have an air conditioner. Whether it's too hot or too cold, the ability to adjust the room temperature to your exact needs is priceless. There are many options to choose from, but PIONEER delivers one of the best—a very energy efficient air conditioner.

Product Overview

This PIONEER Air Conditioner with a Mini Split Heat Pump is a rather large unit, and it's equally powerful. With its cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU/H, it's going to keep you comfortable even on the hottest days of summer.

This air conditioning unit has a compact, simple design and will fit into your home without a problem. It was designed for single-zone residential and light commercial applications. As such, it's better suited for at-home use than some of its louder counterparts.

PIONEER Mini-Split Heatpump Air Conditioner

PIONEER Mini-Split Heatpump Air Conditioner

  • 12, 000 BTU/H with 17.5 SEER efficiency
  • Voltage: 208~230 VAC, 60 hertz
  • Seer ratings ranging between 16~19.5
  • 5 year coverage on the compressor

One of the best things about this PIONEER unit is that it also comes with a heating option. With a capacity of 18,000 BTU/H, you can trust this one to keep you warm even when it's snowing outside.

It's surprisingly quiet for such a strong air conditioner. PIONEER's sound levels have been measured at 61dB(A), which means that you can safely use it in every room in your home, even in the bedroom.

What are the benefits of owning an air conditioner unit?

If this is going to be your first time owning an A/C unit, you probably don't fully know what to expect. Wanting to be more comfortable in your home or at the office is usually what drives most people to look into getting an air conditioner. However, keeping your room temperature at a good level has several health benefits too.

If you are still on the fence about getting your air conditioner unit, here is a list of benefits that come with owning one.

Air conditioners may keep children, elderly, and other vulnerable people safe from heat-induced health problems. A healthy young adult may only be uncomfortable in the heat; it's not pleasant, but it's also not dangerous. However, for a person whose health is already compromised, maintaining the right temperature is crucial.

Another reason is that air conditioners constantly work to prevent dehydration and heat strokes. You don't have to be out in the sun to get dehydrated—it may happen in your very own home if the temperature is not actively being regulated.

Not everyone is aware of this, but air conditioners also improve air quality by filtering and disinfecting the air that we breathe. This makes them the perfect choice for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Air conditioning units actually lower the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Those are just some of the reasons to get an air conditioner. If you are looking to get one, we recommend this PIONEER unit, which aside from being strong, is also a very energy efficient air conditioner.

Energy-efficient cooling and heating in your home

PIONEER Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump comes with a set of great features that will help you keep your home as comfortable as can be. The first, and arguably most important, is the temperature control range.

This unit comes with an indoor temperature setting of 62–90°F, outdoor cooling temperatures of 32–122°F, and outdoor heating of +5–86°F. It also has a handy low heat setting of 46°F for when you're off on vacation. You can adjust the temperatures using the LCD screen wireless remote that comes with this PIONEER model.

One of the fun perks that is not included with this unit but may be obtained separately is the wireless Internet worldwide remote access. With that, you will be able to program your air conditioner even while on vacation.

Pros and Cons


Impressively energy efficient air conditioner - you will not see your power bills go up with this unit
● Wide range of temperatures - whether it's winter or summer, you will be comfortable
● Great customer support - if you need help, PIONEER is known for its great customer support
● Permanent washable air filters that will keep your air clean of dust, pollen, and other allergens
● 2-year warranty for parts, and a 5-year warranty for the compressor


● The installation process - if you are installing this yourself, you may run into trouble unless you are experienced with such installations. If you have issues, we suggest contacting a professional.


There are countless benefits to owning an air conditioner unit. The ability to make your room temperature colder or warmer on demand is something that most people want for a variety of reasons, including their health. PIONEER Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump is going to help you keep your home comfortable.

To enjoy great temperatures in your home without making your power bills skyrocket, pick up this energy efficient air conditioner.

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