Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

One downside of living in areas with mild summers is that they are often accompanied by harsh winters. To beat the cold, many people tend to rely on the internal HVAC systems of their home. However, when the power goes out – which often happens during a blizzard – this can pose a major safety issue for the inhabitants of any home.

To avoid this problem, more and more individuals are relying on the power of portable kerosene heaters to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. These devices use kerosene, a flammable liquid that used to be common in lamps around the world. When lit, it produces an intense amount of heat that can be used to warm air before it is dispersed around the room.

There are tons of kerosene heaters currently on the market, but few can claim to be the best kerosene heater for indoor use. One of the leading products in the industry that has a chance to claim that title is the Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream Heater, which manages to pack power into a small machine with no issues.

Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Kerosene Radiant Sun Stream Heater

Pro-Temp PT-70-SS

  • Max Operating Hours-6 hours
  • Heating for up to 2000 square feet
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 37 pounds weight

Product Overview

The Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream measures 20.9 x 14.6 x 21.7 inches and weighs 33 pounds. It can be transported using a carrying handle at the top of the device and resembles an industrial light due to its cylindrical design. Because this product is a radiant kerosene heater, it applies heat directly to the floor and walls of a home. It combines radiant heating with an impressive fan system to help treat the air as well, making it a unique product great at serving a large area.

This particular model has a 4-gallon fuel canister, which can supply about 7 hours of heat. This is not the most fuel-efficient kerosene heater on the market but makes up for this deficiency with its power. Each Pro-Temp PT-70-SS is capable of producing enough heat to serve and area measuring 1,750 square feet. It has a heat output of 70,000 BTU and a simple power switch to flip between the on and off modes.

Significant Features

Surprisingly, there aren’t too many special features in the Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream. Instead, it relies on solid construction and durability. There are, however, some important safety mechanisms such as an automatic shutoff that will kick in if the machine starts to overheat. This reduces the risk of fire as well as internal damage to the kerosene heater. Users are also capable of manually turning off the heater and adjusting the temperature if it becomes too warm in an area.

An error indicator light on the body of the heater informs users whether the heater is malfunctioning. The internal mechanisms are easy to reach and customer service is quick to respond to questions about potential repairs. Each of these heaters comes with a limited 2-year warranty to help cover basic wear and tear as well as any potential manufacturer error during construction. Again, customer service is easy to contact and will help in the case of the warranty needed to be used.

Besides these features, the only other significant characteristic of the Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream is the fuel gauge, which informs users how much kerosene is left. The fuel cap itself is of industrial strength to help reduce spills and leaks. The entire system is CSA approved and simple and easy to use, so individuals should be able to get it assembled and running with little to no issue.

Pros and Cons


● This kerosene heater is an extremely durable model that can resist damage and deterioration for longer than other models
● This model uses radiant and fan heating to ensure there is enough to treat an entire home
● The device can heat an area up to 1,750 square feet
● Customer service is easy to contact and quick to respond to warranty claims


● The heater can only be used as a radiant OR fan heater at any given time
● This product is quite heavy and hard to transport


The Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream Heater is one of the most durable and powerful models on the market, making it one of the best for someone who wants to treat their entire home during cold days. Because it is rated for indoor use, it works well in houses, apartments, barns, and even workshops that might not have traditional HVAC systems.

While there are few supplemental features in the design of the Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Radiant Sun Stream, it is flexible in its style and has an automatic shutoff to improve safety. The only downsides are that it is difficult to move, and only one heating style can be used at a time. For all of these reasons, this kerosene heater earns an “A” grade.

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