Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Ceiling Fan Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Product Overview

The Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan is the perfect ceiling fan for a small room. It should only be installed in a room that is 10x10 ft or smaller, and this fan also has flush-mounting which makes it great for a room with a low-ceiling as well. Although it is a small fan, it is very powerful, and it’s fan gives excellent ventilation with near-silent performance.

It is a quiet and efficient fan that has a classic, low-profile look to it. It will not interrupt or distract from the other decor in the room, but instead add an elegant, understated touch. It has a beautiful satin nickel finish over the metal components which pairs nicely with the warm brown tones of the blades and the white light fixture.

Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta

  • 4 Blades
  • No. of Speeds: 3
  • Mounting: Downrod or Angled
  • 17.42 pounds weight

The LED light fixture gives off an even and pleasant glow, effectively illuminating a space of 10x10. LED light bulbs are far more long-lasting and eco-friendly than traditional lightbulbs so you can feel good about the fact that this fan is more environmentally conscience than an old, inefficient ceiling fan which uses traditional lighting.


  • Low-Profile

This fan is perfect for small rooms. It has a very small span of only 42 inches which is more compact than most fans, making it ideal for a small space. The fan is small, but still powerful and will do the best job when ventilating the appropriate size space of a modern to small room.

It is made for flush-mounting, which sits very close to the ceiling, making the most of the space. If the ceilings are too low, a ceiling fan could hit a very tall person on the head, so it’s important for low ceilings that you choose a fan that is mounted flush with the ceiling to make the most out of the space.

  • Quiet Operation

This fan is made to be as quiet as possible, and has near silent operation even on its highest setting. One of the biggest differences between an old ceiling fan and new, upgraded one is the noise.

You can tell the difference between a high-quality fan and an old, clunky one instantly by the amount of noise an old fan will make compared to an upgraded model. This fan features a powerful motor that is both efficient and silent. It will not make any distracting noises so you can work or rest in peace with the fan going. In shared spaces, the fan will not bother anyone so it can be a good option ceiling fan for small offices too.

  • Easy to Use and Install

This fan is made to be flush-mounted and it comes with all of the necessary materials. With only a few tools you can install this ceiling fan yourself, but if you’re inexperienced you should consult with a professional installer for the best results.

Breaking the fan while installing it yourself could void your warranty, so you should take care to follow the instructions, have a friend help you, or hire a professional installer. The biggest risk installing this fan yourself is dropping it and accidentally breaking it.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

This fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer which covers the parts. If there are any parts defects or finish defects on the fan for the lifetime of the product, the company will replace or fix it.

You can rest assured when buying a fan from this trusted manufacturer that it will not only come exactly as promised, but that its performance will literally last for a lifetime. This is a high-quality ceiling fan that will not easily break. It is made to stand the test of time and will give efficient and high-quality ventilation to your home for the lifetime of the fan.


  • Indoor Use Only

This fan has delicate parts that could be broken if installed in an outdoors area. This fan is made for indoor use only, in particular it is a ceiling fan for small rooms.

  • 10x10 Rooms or Smaller Only

This fan is made for small rooms and will not efficiently ventilate a room of more than 10x10 feet.


The Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan is a beautiful, classically styled small ceiling fan which is perfect for small rooms. It hugs the ceiling so it is great for a room with a low ceiling, as well as having a limited span horizontally so it doesn’t take up too much space. Combining the light fixture with the fan also helps to make the most out of a smaller room.

It is made out of high-quality materials that are tested and certified both long-lasting and high-performance. You can expect a lifetime of performance out of this product, which is guaranteed by the limited lifetime warranty that is included free from the manufacturer. When you purchase a Prominence Home ceiling fan, you can expect quality and performance from a company who cares.