Senville SENA-09HF/Z Energy Star Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

This Senville Mini Split Air Conditioner is ranked among the top 15 split-system air conditioners. Let’s find out if it deserves the title.

To begin with, it is a small portable air conditioner with an easy installation kit and 16-foot copper line set for DIY installation. It’s also fairly light for an AC unit (73 pounds), which should help with the ease of installation.
As a split-system unit, it has both an indoor and outdoor part. The indoor part of the unit has a sleek, all-white appearance, and is entirely unobtrusive to the room.

Plus, it uses whisper technology to operate quietly so you won’t even notice that it’s there. In addition, it has a classy temperature display.

Not to mention, the price is super affordable at just $800 on Amazon. This is definitely currently one of the best prices for a system like this.

There are different BTU options to select from depending on the size of the space you’re using the unit in. It is important to know the measurements of the room in question. This will help you determine the BTU capacity you need.

1 BTU is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 pound of water by 1°F. In terms of cooling, a BTU measures the quantity of heat that an air conditioning unit can remove from a room per hour.

Senville SENA-09HF Z Energy Star Mini Split Air Conditioner

Senville SENA-09HF/Z Mini Split Air Conditioner

  • 9000 BTUs
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • Room Size: 100 to 500 Sq. Ft.
  • 73.8 pounds weight

For reference, 24,000 BTUs cools up to 1,500 square feet and 12,000 BTUs cool 450–550 feet. Many companies offer multiple options.

For this unit in particular, the options even include a unit with 36,000 BTUs. This is great if you’re looking to use the unit in a larger commercial space. Each option comes with a remote to operate it from afar, but it is pretty simplistic and doesn’t have as many modes or options as some units on the market.

It does include a 3-year parts warranty and 7-year compressor warranty. The details of the warranty are not mentioned on the site, so inquiry may be necessary. Sometimes the warranty is only applicable if the unit is installed by a HVAC certified technician, so make sure to read your warranty terms and conditions thoroughly before installing.

It also has a hyper heat setting (up to -22°F) and low ambient cooling, so it is great for all spaces. Depending on the BTUs you need, the units range from 20–25 SEER in terms of efficiency levels. This means that the unit is incredibly efficient and won’t cause your energy bill to skyrocket. It also means that the units are Energy Star certified, or that they are in the top 25 percent of most efficient models.

Pros and Cons


● Very powerful and efficient for a small portable air conditioner, up to 25 SEER
● Energy Start certified
● 3-Year Parts and 7-Year compressor warranty
● Noiseless indoor unit for quiet, unnoticeable operation
● Easy installation kit with 16-foot copper line set
● Wide range of BTU options to fit your needs and the dimensions of your space
● DC inverter technology for ultra-high efficiency and performance
● Hyper heat (up to -22°F) and low ambient cooling


● Warranty doesn’t specify whether or not it extends to units installed by owners or if it is applicable only to units installed by an HVAC professional. The buyer would have to inquire about this.
● Many customers complain of experiencing poor communication and customer service from Senville’s customer support team.

Essentially, this an incredibly affordable and efficient unit, at only $800 with up to 25 SEER. Plus, it is offered on a huge scale of BTU capacities, so it is great for home or business.

The unit’s hyper heat setting and low ambient cooling also make it flexible for various types of spaces.

In addition, it’s easy to install and comes with a 16-foot installation kit. It also offers an extended warranty on both the parts and the compressor in case something goes wrong. The details of the warranty, however, are undisclosed, so that’s worth checking into before you install yourself.

It’s easy to control, thanks to a built-in thermostat with remote control. The temperature can be changed from any room. Plus, thanks to whisper technology, it operates quietly.

With plenty of features to fit your space, this Senville unit is another great choice when looking for an air conditioning unit.

Additional Information on this Brand and Model

Senville is on the forefront of ductless units and is committed to affordability. They offer extended warranties on most of their products in case disaster strikes.

Their focuses are efficiency and comfort, and they strive to create a suitable unit for each and every home.

This unit is a ductless mini split unit, so it takes up barely any space. Plus, the indoor piece has a sleek, modern design to make it fit flawlessly in your home.

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