Seville Classics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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Seville Classics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower FanTower fans are some of the best cooling fans available when you don’t have a lot of space to put them. This Seville Classics model packs a lot of features into a very small package. The overall dimensions for this fan are 9.5 inches by 7.9 inches by 39.7 inches tall, so you only need less than a square foot of space to fit this fan into your home.

Product Overview

The true measure of a fan is how much air it can push, and this fan can handle that requirement. On its highest setting, it can push out over 275 cubic feet or air per minute, which with the slim profile of the fan outlet, translates to a high actual linear foot per minute air movement. That basically means that when this fan is on, you’ll know it from the breeze you feel washing over your face.

There are other features that this fan offers as well. One of the best is the 75 degree oscillation. That means you can put this in the corner and the fan sweep will reach nearly wall to wall, ensuring that nearly everyone in the room will feel the breeze at some point.

It also has a timer function that lets you set a time and then forget about whether or not you remembered to turn off the fan when you go to bed at night. The timer lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to a full 7 and a half hours. That’s long enough for you to let it run all day while you’re gone if you so choose.

Sometimes, you don’t want to get up out of your seat and you want to turn the fan down. That’s where the included remote control comes in handy. This remote lets you control all of the features of the fan without moving and generating more heat.

How Fans Can Help

Fans come in many form factors, from box fans to ceiling fans to tower fans to table fans. They all have their own place and use, but they are all designed for one thing: to move air around so you feel more comfortable. But the benefits of fans go beyond just helping you cool down on a hot summer day. Here are some ways that running a fan can help you:

● Keeping it Dry – One of the best uses of a fan is that it keeps the air moving, and in doing so, prevents condensation and moisture from building up. One of the worst things that can happen is for moisture to pool in dark corners; when that happens, mold or mildew isn’t far behind. By using a fan and keeping the air moving, you eliminate those damp spots and keep fungal growths at bay
Allergens Begone – When you suffer from allergies, sometimes it is tempting to just shut off all air circulation. After all, if the dust and pollen isn’t blowing around, it can’t bother you, right? But you want the allergens moving. That way, they are being pushed into your air vents and being scrubbed out by the filters in your HVAC system. Make sure that your filters are replaced on schedule and that you’re using at least a MERV 11 filter if you suffer from allergies.
Keep it Moving – A fan is a great idea during the summer, but it’s also a good idea in the winter too. That’s because during the winter, when you run your heat, where does the warm air go? That’s right, it rises and collects at the ceiling. If you don’t keep your air moving, then the warm air will just keep your ceiling warm and your heating system has to work overtime to keep your comfort zone where it should be. Let the air move and the heat will mingle and evenly heat all layers of your home, which will make your heaters more efficient.

Pros and Cons

This list of benefits and drawbacks of this fan is presented here so buyers can get a look at them in one go. This can help you make comparisons to other models and help your purchase decision.


● Very quiet operation for a bladed fan
● 4 modes of operation
● 75 degree oscillation
● 7.5 hour timer
● Pushes 275 cubic feet per minute at high setting
● Remote control included


● Fan lacks a filtration system


This Seville Classics tower fan is an ideal purchase for someone who wants to increase the air circulation in their bedroom or any other living space. With a full 75 degrees of oscillation and a small 10 inch by 8 inch base, it is easy to put this unit in a corner for constant air circulation. If you’re looking for a tower fan with a lot of features for a medium price point, this tower fan is a great option.