The Airocide APS-1000 Review

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Airocide APS-1000 Air PurifierProduct Overview

If you’re looking for a large yet subtle air purification system for the larger rooms in your home, then look no further than Airocide APS-1000. The Airocide APS-1000 is the ultimate air purification system for your home.

Ideal for large, open spaces within your home, basements, living rooms, and extra rooms are the perfect spaces to place your Airocide APS-1000. With technology developed by NASA, this machine will keep all of your large spaces free and clean of harmful pathogens.

The Airocide APS-1000 can effectively work in areas around 2,000 square feet and must be mounted to the wall, making it ideal for those who wish to save the floor, shelf, or counter space. Although extremely powerful, this machine is very low maintenance, making it perfect for those of us who may be fairly forgetful when it comes to maintaining air purifiers!

Designed to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens in your home, the Airocide APS-1000 uses its advanced technology to perform a powerful chemical reaction that isolates harmful organic materials and breaks them down. These harmful materials include common allergens, such as pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that typical HEPA filters may not always capture.

As the most powerful consumer air purifier on the market, the Airocide APS-1000 will keep you and your family safe in any room of your household.

Highlights of the Airocide APS-1000

The Airocide APS-1000 allows consumers to bring NASA technology home, just one of the many highlights offered by this excellent machine. Used for more than twenty years by food processors and in places such as wineries, grocery stores, and hospitals, your indoor air will be cleaner and purer than ever before.

Conveniently wall mounted to help save you space, the Airocide APS-1000 is perfect for families who enjoy hosting large gatherings. With its space-saving design and mount, this machine should ideally be placed in larger rooms where more people could gather. Larger than its predecessors, this machine still maintains a modern, stylish design to fit into any space.

With a low maintenance machine such as the Airocide APS-1000, certain qualities must be included to ensure that it is low maintenance.

A set of activating bulbs only need to be changed approximately once per year depending on your usage and the indicator lights work together with the activator lights to alert you when the time to change them has come, making this machine an excellent economical choice as well.

Highlights of this incredible machine include:

  • The neutral color white
  • Made out of flame-proof plastic
  • A manufacturer’s warranty of two years
  • A sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • A wall mount that includes the required brackets and screws
  • A pre-filter
  • A maintenance kit that includes a pre-filter replacement

Why It Works

The air purification system used by the Airocide APS-1000 is the ultimate system in air purification technologies today. Developed by NASA and used on the International Space Station and the Columbia space shuttle, the air in your home will be as safe as it was for the astronauts up in space.

The system within each Airocide product uses an advanced chemical reaction called Photocatalytic Oxidation to purify and clean your air. This process begins with a fan inside the Airocide APS-1000, which pulls the air from the surrounding environment into the Airocide APS-1000. The air pulled into the system is then slowly pushed through a set of hollow glass tubes, which are coated with a catalyst. This is where the chemical reaction occurs.

The purification system through which the Airocide APS-1000 performs its duties is efficient, safe, and produces no harmful byproducts, ensuring that each harmful substance from your indoor air is pulled into the system and does not get stuck inside a filter. This system is also what was used by the International Space Station when purifying the air for the astronauts.

Although an air purification machine, the Airocide APS-1000, and all other Airocide products use an elimination system versus a filtration system. A typical filtration system uses HEPA filters and although HEPA filters are effective, these types of filters trap harmful materials inside of the filter, which then is also used to push air back out. The elimination system used by Airocide machines destroys these harmful materials using the chemical process of Photocatalytic Oxidation.


With its numerous highlights and spectacular qualities, listing only a small list of pros is difficult. Here is the list of things that make the Airocide APS-1000 stand out above its competitors.

  • Its strong and advanced elimination system technology, making it Airocide’s most powerful air purifier yet
  • The wall mounting kit that allows for an ideal space-saving design in your home
  • The activating bulbs and indicator lights that alert you when its time to change the reaction chamber


  • Although near perfect, there is one con regarding the Airocide APS-1000. This con is the steep price of $2,499.00. This price is a bit of a sticking point for some consumers.

Specs Behind the Airocide APS-1000 Filter

The Airocide APS-1000 uses the air elimination system developed by NASA to keep your home and indoor air fresh and clean. This system uses a reaction chamber instead of filters to keep harmful pathogens out of your lungs.

The Airocide APS-1000 includes a pre-filter before the reaction chamber. This pre-filter is used to remove dangerous airborne particulates from the air you breathe. The pre-filter is just another step in keeping your air as pure and clean as possible.

What Makes the Airocide APS-1000 Different

The main difference between the Airocide APS-1000 and other air purification systems on the market is its astonishing elimination system. While also being a purification system, the Airocide APS-1000 uses its advanced technology to eliminate harmful pathogens from your air.

Another difference between the Airocide APS-1000 and other systems is its prime use for large rooms. Other systems are set up to be used throughout your home in smaller rooms such as bedrooms or small office spaces. The Airocide APS-1000 is perfectly sized and wall-mounted for use in larger gathering spaces such as basements and living rooms. This size advantage ensures that you, your loved ones, and your guests will be breathing in clean air.

What Makes the Airocide APS-1000 Different from Other Airocide Products
Airocide products are all made with you and a healthier lifestyle in mind. The Airocide APS-1000 is unique from other Airocide products in its shape and its handling of particulate matter.

The shape of the Airocide APS-1000 is larger, but still suitable for any homes. This glorious machine can be mounted onto your wall and even comes with the necessary brackets and screws to ensure a perfect fit in any large room.

The other difference resides in the air purification system. The Airocide APS-1000 includes a filtration system that can remove some particulate from the air. However, the Airocide APS-1000 can handle indoor organic air problems within the larger rooms of your house. An example of this type of organic matter would be mold in your basement.

Why Choose the Airocide APS-1000 for Your Whole Family

The Airocide APS-1000 is the perfect air purification system for large rooms, but it is also an amazing choice to help protect you and your family from those scary, unseen air pathogens. VOCs can cause numerous health risks among all ages but can be especially harmful to children.

Children are those of us who are still developing, and your child deserves to breathe the freshest, purest air. The Airocide APS-1000 can help protect your child from these invisible VOCs, which can often lead to health issues later in life. With the advanced technology developed and tested by NASA, the Airocide APS-1000 eliminates these VOCs from any room that your child could spend time in.

Using the Airocide APS-1000 in Your Basement

The ultimate use for the Airocide APS-1000 is for large rooms and what better room to use it in than your basement. Now, not all basements are created equal and your basement may not be used as a gathering space for friends and family. However, if your basement is your favorite gathering place, the Airocide APS-100 is the air purifier for you.

To keep yourself and your family and friends healthy, the Airocide APS-1000 is the perfect solution. With a coverage area up to 2,000 square feet and its phenomenal purification elimination system, each person gathered in your basement will be able to breathe in the absolute freshest and cleanest of air, yourself included!


The Airocide APS-1000 is the perfect solution for those looking to increase air purification in the larger rooms of their house. Whether looking to make your basement the ultimate gathering place for family and friends or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, the Airocide APS-1000 can help you accomplish all of your purified air goals.

Live your best and healthiest life by bringing the Airocide APS-1000 into your home.