Unique Heat Infrared Home & Office Whole Room Space Heater Review

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Last Updated: 12/16/2020

Space heaters are a convenient and quick way to raise the room temperature in a space, while helping to cut costs on more traditional heating methods during the chilly winter months. Now, most of these nifty heaters come with oscillation and digital controls, if they’re electric. If you are considering buying one, you probably have a lot of questions - the Unique Heat Infrared Home and Office Whole Room Space Heater is the answer to them.

Unique Heat Infrared Whole Room Space Heater

Unique Heat Infrared

  • Wheels for Easy Moving
  • Lifetime Air Filter
  • 1-20 intensity level
  • 15 pounds weight

Product Overview

Quiet and lightweight, and with two carrying handles as well as wheels for easy mobility, the Unique Heat Space Heater is perfect for any space. At only 15 pounds, and with two methods of mobility, the Unique Heat unit can be moved into any space without disrupting its surroundings.

Despite being small and convenient, it will comfortably heat up to 1,000 square feet of space with a heat output of 5,200 BTU. It will simultaneously remain cool to the touch, whereas other infrared heater can be less forgiving. With a working life of 80,000 hours and a thermostat ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you are sure to find the perfect temperature for your space.

A unique feature that this heater has is that it does not dry out the air it heats. Furnaces and even ceramic space heaters can dry out the air in the heated space so badly that it will cause sinus pain, dry skin and dry eyes. Unique Heat’s heat exchange technology will leave any humidity already in the air, resulting in a cozy, evenly-spread warmth.

Why is Infrared Heat Better?

Traditional space heaters, like ceramics and furnace heaters, are responsible for approximately one-third of all winter house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. What tends to happen is the exposed heating elements of these units actively burn up the oxygen in the space they’re heating. Unique Heat’s infrared technology never removes or heats the oxygen itself.

Unique Heat also has safety features built into the unit. Some of those include the following:

● Automatic shut-off and timer
● Anti-tip emergency shut-off
● Safe and cool to the touch
● Heat exchange technology
● Remote control for easy, fast adjustments
● Programmable display to control temperature, operation times, and intensity level

All of these benefits will keep you and your family safe from any harm that could be brought about by a traditional ceramic or furnace heater.

Unique Heat also comes with a lifetime air filter. It is easy to remove and clean, no special tools required. This, along with the infrared heat, keeps your air comfortable as well as clean. This technology leaves the air safe, warm, and humid enough to avoid the threat of sparking a fire.


It is easy to see how going with the Unique Infrared heater would be a smart choice for anyone looking to warm up their room on a cold winter night. But how does it stack up to a better-known competitor, like Dr. Infrared 968?

Unique Heat Dr. Infrared
Heat Type Infrared Infrared
Noise Level 32 dB 39 dB
Temperature Range 60-90F 50-86F
Weight 15lbs 19lbs

While these are not the only factors that go into making a decision on a space heater, they are important to consider based on common needs. You may want a quieter heat source, or one that reaches higher temperatures. Maybe you would even prefer one that is lighter in weight, and can be more easily moved around a house or room.

Unique Heat can be distinguished by its air filter, which is easy to remove for cleaning. On average, you should only need to clean the air filter every 30 to 60 days. The only thing you need to be aware of prior to cleaning the filter, is to be sure that the unit is turned off prior to removal.

Pros and Cons

As it stands, here are some pros and cons of the Unique Heat space heater:


● Quiet - Unique Heat runs an average dB output that’s much less jarring than others, allowing you to relax in warmth and relative silence.
● Lightweight, compact design - Easily picked up or rolled to new locations, whether it be in another room or simply in a different direction.
● Wide heat gradient - With 30 degrees of different temperatures, you are bound to find one that’s perfect for you and your family.
● Infrared heating - allows the humidity to stay in the air even as the room warms; no dry skin, eyes, or throat.
● Air filter - Keeps the air clean and sanitary as it passes over the infrared elements of the heater, allowing you to stay healthy.
● Safety features - Whether it tips over or is bumped against accidentally, you will be hard-pressed to cause any damage with this heater.


● 5,200BTU - While Unique Heat is great for small spaces, it won’t help much in rooms over 1,000 square feet, so keep in mind that it is no replacement for a full central heating system.
● Air filter - A fantastic, unique feature; however, it does need to be cleaned every 30 to 60 days for the best results.


A space heater, typically, is not something someone needs every day of the year, but when you do, you want quality. That quality comes in the form of the Unique Heat Infrared Home and Office Space Heater.

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